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LONG LIVE THE PEOPLES FRIENDSHIP - Imperialists out from the Aegean Sea

In Syria, since the beginning of the war, it was obvious that the so-called "opposition" was nothing but the long arm of imperialism in the country. The aim was to intervene in the country's interior so as to overthrow the democratically elected bourgeois president Assad. The "Free Syrian Army" and the Syrian opposition were not created by some organized popular power, but they were equipped with modern weapons and formed by experienced soldiers who could confront the quite capable Syrian army.
In Greece, during the same period, the vast majority of political organizations did not take a position in favor of Syria, against the embargo and the sanctions imposed. At best, they have kept an equal distance from jihadists and the Syrian government, ignoring that the conflict between imperialism and people was the main contradiction, since imperialist countries have openly intervened (as had been done previously in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.) against yet another country as "saviors" in order to serve their interests in the wider region.
Eventually, Russia, USA, England, France, Turkey, etc. have been involved in military operations in Syria. After the attacks in France, all the governments of the state - members of the imperialist EU agreed to escalate military operations in Syria (the government of SYRIZA - ANEL among them). This involvement continues under the pretext of "the danger of Islamic state" whose influence is increased or decreased depending on the extent of the bombing, without some support from the local population and without any organization of its structures or its army.

SYRIZA maintains the "fence of shame" in Evros

The continuous bombing razed whatever existed in the country forcing the bulk of the 22,000,000 (or more) residents to flee from the scourge of war and seek a better life elsewhere. In the beginning, neighboring countries bore the brunt of the refugee flow, but from 2015 thousands of immigrants each month are trying to reach Europe passing through our country. Being unable to cross the 12.5 km wide fence at Evros, the Greek-Turkish land border, known as the "fence of shame" made by the fascist A. Samaras, they have no other choice but to cross the sea. A fence that the current Prime Minister, A. Tsipras, refuses to pull down, calling everyone who makes such a suggestion essentially a fool ( "the idea to unilaterally remove the fence and allow the refugees to come through Evros sounds like a good idea to someone who has not got a clue, "11/5/2015) despite the fact that according to a statement made by Amnesty International: “the increased security measures across the land border with Turkey, and the erection of a 12.5 kilometer fence there in 2012, has forced refugees and immigrants to choose the more dangerous route through the Greek-Turkish sea border"(02.11.2015). The result is the drowning of refuges in the Aegean, by hundreds, a crime that probably constitutes genocide.

Calling the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL to NATO butchers for "custody" of the Aegean - The, under German command, Frontex will support work in NATO activities

While the whole M. East  is in "flames" (see Syria, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) mainly due to the responsibility of NATO and allied states, the prime minister invited the military (!) NATO forces on the pretext of "guarding the maritime borders of the country." In this way he, firstly, appealed to an army to deal with the immigrants, secondly he invited the murderers of the Middle East peoples as guarantors of the preservation of the borders(!), thirdly, he basically considers immigrants a border threat! A motion shall be underscored once again the pro-NATO-imperialist policy of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition and personally of Prime Minister A. Tsipras.
At the same time, the local bourgeoisie, through its affiliated media and, therefore, the Greek government, firstly, criticizes Turkey (regardless of the reasons)  because the latter temporarily opposes the deployment of NATO forces on Turkish territorial waters ("Turkey undermines the NATO operation in Aegean ", "Vima" 22.02.2016 "High ranking officials confirmed to "Kathimerini" that is Turkey's insistence to limit the operation on international waters and not in national waters, as originally agreed. If the operation only in international waters, it will not be useful in reducing the refugee flows, according to the same sources.” "Imerisia" 24.02.2016), and secondly, attempts to present NATO's involvement in the Aegean as having a "positive" (!) effect on its competition with the Turkish bourgeoisie with regards to the migration issue ( "Mr. Kammenos reckons that the allies would isolate Turkey", "Imerisia" 24/ 02/2016).
The Parliament Speaker N. Voutsis could not fail to take part in this contest of servility to the imperialists.  In his speech at the "Delphi Economic Forum", on 26/02/2016, as a true apologist of imperialism, he concealed the responsibility of NATO and the EU for the destruction, the uprooting and the slaughter of the M. Eastern peoples. More specifically, he adopted all those arguments used by the imperialists to intervene, mainly through military means, in the internal affairs of these countries ( "Is the European Union's political leaders determined to devise a strategy of reception and integration of several million refugees-immigrants from the wider Middle East and North Africa regions are in general destabilization due to wars, civil conflicts and religious fundamentalist tendencies; »,, 26/02/2016 ).

The distinction immigrant – refugee is reactionary and racist

Since the attack on Libya and its dissolution from the imperialist forces of the USA, England, France and Italy and the massive immigration wave that followed in Italy, with thousands jostling daily in boats to pass through the sea to Europe and escape the war, a change in the tactics of the dominant media, Greek and foreign, began to take shape. A change that was initiated, of course, by fascist-like forces and paved the way to the true fascist and nazi-fascist forces, by idealizing their slogans and practices whose only aim is to foster hatred among peoples and to divide the proletariat in each country. The new tactic can be described in a few words by the formula "The good refugee vs. the bad immigrant" which essentially presupposes the fascist position according to which, 'immigrant = irregular immigrant  = illegal immigrant. "
In the context of this change of tactics, the terminology used by Greek media and the Greek government has adapted. A typical example of this reactionary-racist distinction is the screening of migrants by country of origin (as if Afghanistan, for example, has suffered less from imperialism or that the war there is over). There is one attitude towards Syrians, another towards Iraqis, etc. Syrians are allowed (in small groups) to exit from the northern border of our country, but not the Afghans.

The practices of " checking the migrant wave " or " migrant re-forwarding" mean only one thing: More immigrants drowned in the Aegean

At the EU summit held in mid-February on the refugee issue, it is indicated that the EU objective "should be the rapid reduction of refugee flows, the protection of our external borders to reduce illegal immigration and the safeguarding of the Schengen area." ("Vima", 19.02.2016). In the joint communique released after the Council, it was noted that "a substantial and sustained reduction in the number of illegal crossings is required" ("Vima", 19.02.2016).
In this context, the head of the conservative party New Democracy K. Mitsotakis and the bourgeois PASOK Ph. Gennimata had a telephone conversation in which Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated that: "The illegal flows should by all means stop now." ( "Kathimerini", 24.02.2016)
Both in the communique of the summit and the communication Mitsotakis-Gennimata, the immigrants are clearly treated as a threat to the borders of the EU. They are, therefore, regarded not as victims of an imperialist war but as "invaders" and a plan of "checking the migrant wave" is drawn which means more immigrants drowned in the Aegean due to military operations against them.

The fascist transformation of Europe

At the same time Europe is becoming increasingly fascist. On 26/01/2016, a law was passed in Denmark allowing the confiscation of valuables from the migrants that enter its territory in exchange for the "hospitality" that would provide them. The law aroused a storm of reactions across Europe since it legitimizes actions against refugee immigrants that are similar to the confiscation of the Jews’ properties practiced by the Nazis before and during WWII.
In Austria, the Nazi-fascist "Free Party" is gaining popularity, surpassing even the ruling party in the polls. Instead, however, of forming a front against the fascist transformation of their country, the other bourgeois parties adopt the agenda, the phrasing and the program of the Nazi-fascists, they close the borders to immigrants, they deploy the army on the streets and erect fences to check the wave of migrants In Slovakia, the Nazi-fascist party is on the rise and entered the parliament for the first time.

Migrant camps became "hot spots"
To deal with emigration wave of recent months and in conjunction with the choice of EU countries to close their borders, the government singled out areas for the construction of sites that will host immigrants trapped in the country. These places - most of them in the middle of nowhere – are intended to be closed, at best it is a ghetto and in the worst case will be Amygdaleza type concentration camps, where thousands of immigrants are crammed in squalid conditions under police terror.
Today, a class solidarity to the immigrants is required, escalation of the struggle against the war, the imperialist interventions, fascism, racism and nationalism. As previously had noted: "The revolutionary Marxists i.e. the Leninists-Stalinists should, together with all the antifascists, strive for the establishment of a broad anti-fascist front, but also for the class unity of the proletariat, of local and foreign workers, forging the solidarity and the unity in the common struggle for the defense of their interests and against the fascist transformation of society, against racism, nationalism, fascism and Nazi-fascism and the struggle for the proletarian revolution. " (July 2014)

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