Monday, January 15, 2007

Against the reactionary revision of Article 16 of the Constitution

Last Wednesday begun the Parliamentary debate on the revision of Article 16 of the Constitution that previsions the public nature of higher education. The new attack to the right of free education for all for the reactionary government of the monarch-fascist New Democracy with the aid of George Papandreou, PASOK's leader, is the most vicious attack in public education the last years and is joined with the attempt to cancel the Universities asylum.

The reactions triggered by this move are running high. Protest rallies from teachers, students, pupils and academics were held in all major cities throughout the country, while teachers went on a 24-hour strike and civil servants realized a 4-hours stoppage of work. Over 250 University departments are under occupation. Thousands of students participated in the mobilizations that took place in the morning.

The struggle of academics, high school and primary school teachers with the last years' STRIKES and the massive University-high school OCCUPATIONS showed that with massive struggle the plans of the capitalists can be cancelled. ATHENS (with the mass pan-hellenic big strike on 1999) and PARIS show the only right way: UNITY - MASSIVITY - VICTORY.

In this direction is completely essential the constitution of a forehead of academic - professors - schoolteachers and a wider coiling round the education organisations with simultaneously mass OCCUPATIONS of students and pupils with central objectives: DEFENCE of academic ASYLUM of - PUBLIC FREE EDUCATION - ARTICLE 16, only that can ensure fighting UNIT and big MASSIVITY, completely essential conditions for the rejection of attack and the victorious result of fight. POSDEP - OLME - DOE are imposed moreover practise the bigger possible pressure in the reformists leaders of ADEDY and the NATIONAL WORKERS' UNION OF GREECE for support in their fight.

Any energies in juxtaposition with this frame of fight are disruptive because they undermine immediately from the start the UNIT, they cancel inevitably the MASSIVITY, they render beforehand INEFFECTIVE the fight and they prejudge with mathematic precision his failure, they are included beforehand in government's disruptive tactics and they facilitate its plans “to pass” reagents metres for the education. In the same direction the disruptive separate concentrations of his reformists of "C"PG that is completely aligned with government's tactics in the frames of permanent reactonary collaboration "C"PG-New Democracy.

Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55
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