Sunday, February 28, 2010

PC(AP) on the Earthquake in Chile

Only with the organized peoples can we overcome the effects of the natural earthquake and its neoliberal accomplice.

Living nature, in permanent motion and transformation, has shown itself harshly on the territory of our country, causing destruction, death and sorrow throughout society, particularly among the popular masses. We of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)  show our solidarity with each and every one of those who inhabit the territory of the Republic of Chile. Fraternally and with the same sorrow as the workers and peoples of Chile and in compliance with our communist and revolutionary duty we state:
1. We must put into motion the social organizations, neighborhood groups, committees of housing and the homeless, trade unions, student and cultural centers, , etc. and from there, create a broad movement of solidarity from people to people. At the same time we demand that the administration of state resources and external aid really focus on those who need it and not become a disgusting new source of corruption and enrichment in the hands of those who always feather their nest in the "private sector" and the public or state sector.
2.-We must not allow sorrow to cloud our view and hide the criminal responsibility of the neoliberal economic system, which with its "moral" components, based solely on "profit", has been laid bare with the collapse of bridges, houses, buildings with new departments, as well as others that were so old that for many years they should not have been standing and in which families of workers live cramped together. The "development" without planning of neighborhoods and villages in coastal shores is another crime of neoliberalism. In all this, we cannot ignore the responsibility of those who have ruled until today, as well as of those who soon will rule and are equally promoters of the same economic and social system.
3.-We are thankful for the offers of aid from abroad, particularly from countries that have respect for the sovereignty and dignity of peoples, and we reject the interference and outrage that the imperialists carry out under the guise of humanitarian support. It is serious and outrageous that Obama, from his post as spokesperson for the U.S., in his offer of aid, has included that of "security." Mr. Obama, we do NOT need your "marines". The Chilean Government should answer and strongly reject this proposal; any way from the social and popular organizations, we must not allow such a deed.
4.-It is time that the State, the government of M. Bachelet and that of Piñera that will take office on March 11, must not only use the 2% set aside by the constitution for disaster, but once and for all take the funds that are locked up in Yankee banks and immediately use them to overcome the material effects of the earthquake and at the same time create hundreds of thousands of jobs.
Nature does its own thing and thus we human beings, who are part of nature, must do ours and that is to create the best conditions to ensure life and its development; so socially we must overcome neoliberalism and advance to a planned society where the human being is the center of everything, so that the winter storms, the summer heat and droughts, and earthquakes cease to have the traumatic and sorrowful effects that strike us today, as the "curse of destiny."
Unity, strength and mobilization to overcome the effects of the earthquake of nature and neoliberalism.

United in sorrow and the struggle for happiness.

Political Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)
February 28, 2010

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Statute of the Communist Party (1945) / RERELEASED!

The Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55 released  the statute of the Communist Part of Greece that was formed in the 7th Party Congress in 1945.

Pages: 12Size: A5
Language: Greek

2 euros

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Vasilis Papasotiriou - A year after his death

In late January completed one year from the day (January 31, 2009), which the revolutionary communist comrade Basil Papasotiriou, chairman of the "Movement for Gathering of the Communist Party 1918-55 and editor of "ANASYNTAXI" passsed away.  
With his death, the "Movement for the Reoganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55" lost a very valuable partner and strain because of its rich revolutionary action which had great racing reputation not only in the ranks of the revolutionary Communists Marxist, Stalinist-Zachariadis, but also in the adversary ideological-political space of Khrushchev revisionist social democrats.

His death was a great and irreplaceable loss not only for the "Movement" and the entire revolutionary communist and labor movement in the country.

See also: Cde Vasilis Papasotiriou, the president of the “Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55” and publisher of the newspaper “Anasintaxi”, passed away
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

General positions of "Movement for the REORGANISATION of KKE 1918-55" in short (in Greek)

We recently re-released in electronic form a small book with our main positions on the unity of the communists in a UNIFIED single party, the revolutionary Stalinist/Zachariadist KKE 1918-55 based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism.

The edition is divided in the following sections:

A. Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism: The revolutionary ideology of the Communist Party
B. Proletariat - Party of new type - Proletarian Revolution
C. Socialism - Communism
D.Comintern - Cominform
E. Khrushchevit revisionism - Withdraw of the dictatorship of the proletariat - Restoration of the capitalismin the Soviet Union
F. KKE 1918-55 -   Nikos Zachariades - Khrushchevit revisionism
Extra: It is absolutely correct and adoptable the use of term “Stalinism”

The whole text follows in Greek.

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The government of the bourgeois PASOK has come to “finish the job”

February 2010
The Movement for the Reorganisation of KKE (1918-55), since the announcement of the recent elections (“Anasintaxi”, no. 306, 15-30 Sept 2009), emphasized that the collapse of the monarch-fascist party ND [New Democracy] was due to the wrecking of the economy and the bankruptcy brought by its extreme neo-liberal policies, the stealing of public funds and other scandals. Bankruptcy was a already fact before the beginning of the global capitalist crisis of overproduction. The situation, of course, reached a dead-end after the onslaught of the crisis and led the ND government to its final downfall.
The present economic bankruptcy is neither a virtual one nor gossip. It is not some kind of “trick”, a “bogey man made up by the crows of foreign capital” (“Rizospastis”, January 27, 2010, p. 31). It is not a simple “danger-mongering to scare the people” (“Rizospastis”, January 29, 2010, p. 25), but, on the contrary, it is an objective fact and a harsh reality for our country. This is proved by: the incredibly high level of the budget deficit and the public debt, the usurious lending realized under terms which are applied only in bankrupt economies, the speculative attacks, the colonial type of “surveillance” imposed by international finance capital and the continuous plummeting of the stock market. All these are real facts with severe consequences for the everyday life of the working people and the poor strata. The country is at the mercy of:

a) the international speculators and usurers,
b) the Commissioners of the imperialist EU, and
c) a neo-colonial type dependence.
The bourgeois party of PASOK has come to “finish the job”, to conclude the management of the bankruptcy by trying to transfer, in the least painful way, its effects to the working class, to the poor-middle peasantry and the poor people’s strata. Suddenly, following the shock doctrine, all the data – hidden for years – that reflect the economy’s condition are brought to light, often with dramatic overtones. The imperialists (the EU and the IMF), along with their local lackeys, after having drained whatever is left to the people’s strata and led the country to bankruptcy, are contending for who will assume control of the situation. They are asking the victims of the policy which bought the bankruptcy to pay ONCE AGAIN to overcome it, promising some survival morsels, so that they can be victims again in the future.
Either direct pay reductions or a “pay freeze”, which will decrease purchasing power, reduction by half of the already meagre tax-free earnings that will certainly bring a further fall in income.
Increase of unemployment not only without a labour protection policy but, on the contrary, with more employment “flexibility” as the capitalists demand without even the morsels of “social care policy” except the unspeakable coupon for some unemployed, an offer straight from the capitalists’ garbage.
Continuous increase in the costs of living, including increases in the prices of necessary articles, in the fuel tax, in the indirect taxes and an almost certain increase in the “low” VAT [Value Added Tax] rate for basic goods.
A blow at the insurance system with cuts in medical and health benefits (for which the working people have paid dearly) and an open, and for the first time, clear confession that the pension age will rise to 67 years. A final blow will be dealt at institution for heavy and unhealthy occupations whose existence is, allegedly, unfair (we should only recall that the nurses’ job is still not included in this classification). On the other hand, there is will be full tolerance for the capitalist appropriation of workers’ insurance deductions that, together with state embezzlement, has brought the whole insurance system to its knees.
Despite the real fact of the economy’s bankruptcy and precisely because of that, the working class and the people have to actively resist the new racking measures and through united, massive strikes to demand: that the industrialists and bankers pay from their huge profits and all the capitalists who evade paying taxes and illegally and provocatively retain the insurance deductions; the increase of the enterprise tax rate that was reduced by the Karamanlis government from 35% to 25%; the taxing of the church’s incalculable property; not to take away what is left of the workers’ insurance rights. These measures will not pass!
Not only there will be no consensus and tolerance, as the social democrat leaders of “K”KE-SYN stammer while at the same time they rush to meet with the Prime Minister for an “update” and anticipate with fear the imminent social upheaval. On the contrary, through fighting unity, the affected people’s strata, the working class, the poor and middle peasantry and the youth, will make this upheaval not only “heroic” but also effective.
No tolerance for all those who bankrupted the country and are now trying to dump the effects of their crimes on poor people’s back.
Movement for the Reorganisation of KKE (1918-55)

PO Box 3689, 102 10 Athens
Tel: +30 2108621543
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Article published in Revolutionary Democracy, Vol. XVI, No. 1, April, 2010
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Iran: Three major independent labour organizations sent a joint letter to the United Nations Commission of Human rights

Three major independent labour organizations- the Syndicate of Tehran and Suburb Vahed Bus Company,
the Syndicate of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company, and the Free Union of workers of Iran- have sent a joint
letter to the United Nations Commission of Human rights. They have asked the 7th session of Universal
Periodic Review of the UN to review their demands for a dignified life free from any form of suppression
and intimidation. These organizations have protested their inhumane treatment by the regime of the Islamic
Republic of Iran. In their letter, they describe the miserable economic conditions of the Iranian masses and
particularly of the Iranian working class. They have put forward several demands including:
- Unconditional freedom to establish independent worker organizations
- Unconditional freedom of assembly, strike, and protest
- Freedom of all detained or imprisoned worker-activists
- Complete equality of men and women in workplace and in all aspects of life
- Abolishment of all forms of child labours
The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) support these just demands and calls on fraternal Marxist-Leninist
Parties and Organizations, all progressive minded individuals, and all worker-activists to protest the harsh
treatment of the Iranian workers by the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic. We demand the immediate
release of prominent union leaders Mansour Ossalou, Ebrahim Madadi, Alireza Saghafi, and Ali Nejati.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
February 2010

Below is the letter the three worker-organizations have sent to the UN Human Rights Commission.

TO: Human Rights Council of the United Nations
In the 7th session of the United Nations’ rotational review of human rights on 15th to 17th of February 2010
in its headquarters in Geneva, the human rights situation in Iran is being reviewed. The beginning of this
session coincides with the 4th anniversary of international solidarity with the imprisoned workers of the
Iranian Transit Company. On 15th February 2006, many international workers and members of trade
unions expressed their support of these detained workers and raised their protesting voice s against the
anti-union activities in Iran, to the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). During all the years after
the workers and union activists were detained, the IRI authorities have said that the imprisoned workers
would be released if they sign undertakings not to be involved in union activities. The security forces have
declared that despite the fact that IRI was signatory to international treaties, it was not to its national
interests to permit the formation of workers’ unions and syndicates, and anyone attempting to do just that
would be considered an enemy of the IRI and would be charged as such. In the past 30 years, despite the
main demands of the 1979 revolution, the financial conditions of the working class in Iran not only has not
improved, poverty and destitute aspects and lack of income has become rampant amongst them. The
situation is so bad that the International Labour Organization (ILO) has categorized Iran among the worst
3 countries in the world in terms of working conditions and the most basic rights of workers being denied.
The working situation of youth and women has reached catastrophic proportions. Lack of work place
safety, temporary monthly contracts, and blank contracts have become routine practice in hiring workers.
The minimum wages in Iran is four times less that poverty line. Families of millions of workers are
constantly desperate to earn daily substance because of delayed payments for their labors, and the huge
numbers of unemployed and ones in danger of becoming employed workers has created hell on earth for
them and their families and dependants. To them, the only way out of such inhuman conditions is to make
drastic charges in all levels of finances and social sectors. Those inhuman conditions have been imposed
on the Iranian workers when they were denied of all their internationally recognized rights in the past 30
years. Any strike, protest or attempt to organize has been faced with suppression, threats, unemployment
and national security related charges. Despite the clear and present danger of suppression and
unemployment, the Iranian workers filled the scenes with their protest against their backbreaking
conditions. In hundreds of production and industrial centers, they organized many gatherings to show that
they were not willing to continue to live in such inhuman living and working environments. We see some
aspects of their protests in the passed month where many of the participants in the street movements
consist of women, youth and their families. The 7th session of the United Nations’ rotational review of
human rights is being held at the time when the president and vice president of the Syndicate of Workers
of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Ossalou and Madadi, the Syndicate of workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar cane
Company Ali Nejati and Alireza Saghafy along with many other labour activists are in jail and a teacher
like Mr. Farzad Kamangar is sentenced to be hanged. Many participants of the May Day celebrations are
still awaiting court decisions and many other syndicate members are in a limbo of being suspended from
their works. We hope that demands of the Iranian workers of living honorable lives, away from any fear of
suppression and threatening environment, will be considered in your session and is this issue is placed on
the agenda of the 7th session of the United Nations’ rotational review of human rights. The most urgent
and most basic demands at the present time are:
- Abolishment of executions, immediate and unconditional release of labour activists and all other social
movement activists from jails
- Rescinding all charges against labour movement arrestees
- Immediate and unconditional freedom in the formation of labour unions without the need to have
permission from managements , compliance with all labour related international conventions, eradication
of all non-labour establishments from working environments, and to prosecute the suppressors and
deniers of workers’ human rights
- Unconditional rights to have strike, protest, and freedom of speech
- Complete equality between men and women at work and in all other aspects of social, economical, and
family lives
- Total abolishment of child labour and providing educational and medical environment for all children
The Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company
Syndicate of Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company
Free Union of Workers in Iran

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Monday, February 22, 2010

General strike in Greece

February 24 is a day of general strike in Greece. We support the strike declared from GSEE (the General Confederation of Greek Workers) -ADEDY (the Civil Servants' Confederation).

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Toufan: We Strongly Condemn the Criminal Execution of Ehsan Fatahian!

Once again, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran acted barbarically and added one more page to its long criminal record. The Islamic Republic of Iran executed the young Kurdish activist Ehasan Fatahian.
Ehsan Fatahian was convicted and sentenced initially to a 10-year prison term by the Islamic courts.
But because Ehsan resisted confessing to the regime's fabricated accusations and chose instead to stand by his belief in social justice, the tyrannical regime of the Islamic Republic changed Ehsan's sentence to the death penalty. Despite strong and widespread domestic and international protests, the Islamic Republic carried out the execution, and consequently faced outrage, hatred, and public anger.
The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) strongly condemns the execution of Ehasan Fatahian and expresses its utmost disgust at the regime of the Islamic Republic. We convey our sympathy to Ehasan's family.

The execution of Ehsan was carried out as the regime of Islamic Republic faced a politicaleconomic-social crises in which the struggle of the masses has intensified, and in which the chants "Death to dictator", "Imprisonment, torture, execution, has no affect anymore", etc are being heard from every corner of the towns.
Under this situation, the regime vainly thinks that imprisonment and execution of the political activists can create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation to frighten the masses and stop the democratic movement from advancing. In this political climate, the execution of Ehsan or Ehsans, as history has shown, has had the opposite result for the rulers. In the final stage of its life, the regime of the Islamic Republic can only drag the Ehsans to the gallows but cannot execute the masses of millions in their struggle.
The people of Iran, Kurd, Baluchi, Persian, Azeri, Turkeman, Arab, etc. turn their grief over Ehsan's death into a force to uproot the violent capitalist regime and continue their united struggle to remove all social inequalities and to establish democracy and social justice. The execution of Ehsan is a sign of weakness of a regime that has reached its dead end.
The fate of this anti-human regime is nothing but its violent overthrow. In tomorrow's Iran, those who ordered the killing of the people and those who had carried out will be put on trial and will be punished.
Death to the regime of crime and the execution of the Islamic Republic!
Long live freedom and socialism!

Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

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