Friday, February 26, 2010

Vasilis Papasotiriou - A year after his death

In late January completed one year from the day (January 31, 2009), which the revolutionary communist comrade Basil Papasotiriou, chairman of the "Movement for Gathering of the Communist Party 1918-55 and editor of "ANASYNTAXI" passsed away.  
With his death, the "Movement for the Reoganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55" lost a very valuable partner and strain because of its rich revolutionary action which had great racing reputation not only in the ranks of the revolutionary Communists Marxist, Stalinist-Zachariadis, but also in the adversary ideological-political space of Khrushchev revisionist social democrats.

His death was a great and irreplaceable loss not only for the "Movement" and the entire revolutionary communist and labor movement in the country.

See also: Cde Vasilis Papasotiriou, the president of the “Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55” and publisher of the newspaper “Anasintaxi”, passed away

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