Saturday, February 06, 2010

Toufan: We Strongly Condemn the Criminal Execution of Ehsan Fatahian!

Once again, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran acted barbarically and added one more page to its long criminal record. The Islamic Republic of Iran executed the young Kurdish activist Ehasan Fatahian.
Ehsan Fatahian was convicted and sentenced initially to a 10-year prison term by the Islamic courts.
But because Ehsan resisted confessing to the regime's fabricated accusations and chose instead to stand by his belief in social justice, the tyrannical regime of the Islamic Republic changed Ehsan's sentence to the death penalty. Despite strong and widespread domestic and international protests, the Islamic Republic carried out the execution, and consequently faced outrage, hatred, and public anger.
The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) strongly condemns the execution of Ehasan Fatahian and expresses its utmost disgust at the regime of the Islamic Republic. We convey our sympathy to Ehasan's family.

The execution of Ehsan was carried out as the regime of Islamic Republic faced a politicaleconomic-social crises in which the struggle of the masses has intensified, and in which the chants "Death to dictator", "Imprisonment, torture, execution, has no affect anymore", etc are being heard from every corner of the towns.
Under this situation, the regime vainly thinks that imprisonment and execution of the political activists can create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation to frighten the masses and stop the democratic movement from advancing. In this political climate, the execution of Ehsan or Ehsans, as history has shown, has had the opposite result for the rulers. In the final stage of its life, the regime of the Islamic Republic can only drag the Ehsans to the gallows but cannot execute the masses of millions in their struggle.
The people of Iran, Kurd, Baluchi, Persian, Azeri, Turkeman, Arab, etc. turn their grief over Ehsan's death into a force to uproot the violent capitalist regime and continue their united struggle to remove all social inequalities and to establish democracy and social justice. The execution of Ehsan is a sign of weakness of a regime that has reached its dead end.
The fate of this anti-human regime is nothing but its violent overthrow. In tomorrow's Iran, those who ordered the killing of the people and those who had carried out will be put on trial and will be punished.
Death to the regime of crime and the execution of the Islamic Republic!
Long live freedom and socialism!

Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

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