Friday, May 27, 2011

Successfully held in Athens, the speech of the Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55)

The Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55) organized succesfully (20/5/2011) in Athens Polytechnic University an event with its political proposal to the worker class and the movement which can be summarised to the following slogans “Unilateral entire debt suspension of payments – Greece out of Euro-EMU-European Union”

The event was propagandised with the following poster:

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Anasintaxi, issue 345 (1-15/5/2011)

-Barbaric attack of Police against strikers demonstrating
-The reformist leaders of PAME
-Murderous attack of Police and nazi-fascists
-Solidarity with the workers on Foreign Languages group "Interlingua".
-May 9 - Long live the anti-fascist peoples' VICTORY under the guidance of JOSEF STALIN

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Mobilisations of GSEE-ADEDY on June 4

Greece's two main unions GSEE (the General Confederation of Greek Workers)  - ADEDY (the Civil Servants' Confederation) have programmed a mobilsation on June 4 at 11am in Athens.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EMEP: Imperialist attack on Libya must be stopped immediately!

Libya, on the agenda for some time now due to the people’s rebellion against the Gaddafi regime, has now become the target of heavy attacks lead by the USA, France and the United Kingdom with the support of the United Nations. These attacks are explained by the imperialist forces on the pretext of liberating the people of Libya from Gaddafi’s “atrocities”. What these “justifications” really amount to, has been previously witnessed during the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The first news coming from Libya, exposed to heavy bombardment and intense missile attacks, are that in addition to the military targets, the people are also suffering as a result of these attacks.
For some time, the peoples of Middle East and North Africa are struggling against reactionary dictators. In Tunisia and Egypt, the people's struggle has resulted in the overthrowing of the dictators but in Libya, Gaddafi has set about attacks in order to suppress the people’s revolt. Just as the tyrannical policies implemented by Gaddafi against his people are not in any way acceptable neither are the imperialist attacks against Libya. The imperialist countries and the UN, that has become a tool of these forces, have not, until today, carried democracy to any country from the ‘outside’ and the situation in Libya will be no different.
It is, at the same time, shameful that the Turkish government has given green light to and has supported this imperialist attack.
The US, attacking Afghanistan in 2001 with very similar excuses, continues its occupation of this country. It is also a well known fact that “democracy” is still far away from both Afghanistan and Iraq, occupied by the US in the same way, after all the deaths and destruction experienced in those lands. Even these examples from our recent history are indication enough that the imperialist attack towards and occupation of Libya will not be bringing any democracy to this country.
The people of Libya should determine their own destiny and the imperialist attack must be stopped immediately.

Labour Party (EMEP)

Press Statements

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

EMEP: No to NATO and Missile Defence System

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government keeps lying to the peoples of Turkey. Prior to the NATO’s Lisbon meeting, AKP authorities, Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davutoglu both stated that they had objections to the certain articles of the Missile Defence System Project that was put on agenda by NATO. Following the Lisbon meeting, in which Turkey was represented by President Abdullah Gul, official statements said Turkey succeeded in presenting its case, as if its objections to the Project were actually put under consideration. During NATO Lisbon meeting the Missile Defence System Project was approved, NATO – EU relations were discussed with both non-NATO member EU countries and NATO member non-EU countries as well as updating the road map and making new decisions on Afghanistan occupation. The objections of the AKP government to the Project were represented as not mentioning any country name as the Project is organised against any particular country or countries (from which Iran should be understood), employing some Turkish staff members in the command echelon and specifying where exactly the enemy missiles would be shot by the Missile Defence System.

None of these objections were put on the agenda during the Lisbon summit. Despite not mentioning any particular country name, it is obvious that this Missile Defence System Project was organised against the peoples of the Middle East, notably of Iran and Syria. Certain critical issues such as where exactly the enemy missiles would be shot by the Missile Defence System, in which country the System would be located and who would push the launch button were not negotiated during the Lisbon summit. When the Missile Defence System Project is actualised, whatever are the objections of the AKP government, the United States administration would be the one, which will be in charge of decision making and pushing the launch button as the head of NATO. The Missile Defence Projects also paves the way for missile and missile hardware sales to Turkey and other NATO members. The US weapon monopolies are certainly the ultimate winners of this Project. The Missile Defence System Project caused the AKP foreign policy to collapse. The policy called “zero problem with neighbour countries,” which is so called conducted by the Foreign Minister Davutoglu, has also turned out to be a monstrous lie. Missile Defence System Project means problems with the neighbours; it means the participation of Turkey as a border gendarmerie in the threat posed by the EU and US to the neighbour countries.

It also means being a part to the conflict on Israel’s side on behalf of the US. Since the day one of its foundation, our Party (EMEP) defends the idea that Turkey should drop out of NATO membership. NATO is not a defence organisation; it is a war machine that aggressively poses a threat for the peoples of the world as well as standing as the gendarmerie of the international imperialist capital. NATO, which tried to fool the peoples of the world with the big lie that it was defending the so called World Peace against the threats posed by USSR and Warsaw Treaty for a long time, increased its power and strengthens its presence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Treaty. When the role of NATO in the recent occupations and assaults is considered, it is clear that NATO is not an organisation which protects the World Peace, but threatening it. Turkey should immediately drop NATO membership and focus on peace and friendship policies with its neighbours.
NATO should be dispersed.
Nuclear weapons should be eradicated.
The armament race that is teased by imperialist monopolies should be terminated.

Kamil Tekin Surek
Vice President

Press Statements

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Announcement of the local commitee of the Association of Hospital Doctors Of Athens and Piraeus General Hospital of Nikaia

Athens, 11 May 2011

Local Committee of EINAP [Association of Hospital Doctors Of Athens and Piraeus] General Hospital of Nikaia

Today we witnessed the endless and unimaginable brutality by the Greek goverment of Memorandum [austerity measures] , in order to suppress any citizens' action, who are opposed against the measures which are planning by the foreign and local capital.

Dozens of injured protesters were hit by the riot police and transfered with ambulance or came alone in our hospital. Most of them had head injuries. Among them, there is a 30 – years old protestor with heavy, antemortem condition, anisocoria and huge epidural hematoma. At this time the protestor is in surgery by our collegues who are trying to save his life.

We condemn the police brutality and arbitrariness.

We condemn all the members of the Greek Government and the Prime Minister for the assassination attempt against the specific citizen who is in serious condition and his life is in danger, also against all other protestors.

The violence and repression against the people who resist have no future.

The government with the brazen tactics of popular's rights rape, which are necessary for the people's survival and also with the brutal violence which directly threaten people's lives, will increase our stubbornness and our decision to fight until the end in order people have bread, education and freedom. We are not going to stop until the guilty of murder attempt will be punished. We are not going to stop until our people win!

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

May 1st – Comunication of All-Union Communist party (bolsheviks)

Dear comrades!

On behalf of All-Union Communist party (bolsheviks), on behalf of the working people of Russia and other republics ex-USSR we send to you, dear comrades, fraternal greetings and congratulations on Day of the International solidarity of workers – on 1 May!

The proletariat of Russia meets this day in the conditions of accruing struggle against Medvedev- Putin's semi-fascist dictatorship which with each hour more and more exposes itself as a mode of the mafia capital and a genocide of people. Despite wild reprisals, the announcement “out of the law of Russia” that is equivalent to the death sentence, leader of AUCP(b) com. Zinaida Smirnova, despite an interdiction of our newspapers and incessant attempts of defeat of mass organizations, bolsheviks of Russia go in the forefront fighters against dictatorship.

2010 is marked black anniversary. This year 20 years since disintegration USSR and a definitive establishment in the Motherland of V.I. Lenin and I.V.Stalin are executed and   the capital authorities. Experience of the first socialist state, experience of victories and socialism crushing defeats continues to keep the urgency for all revolutionary forces of the world. The ?ll-Union Communist party (bolsheviks) addresses to all communist parties and the organizations with the offer of carrying out of corresponding actions in connection with this date. We express readiness to consider the offer on participation of representatives of our party in these actions.

Communistic greetings

Alexander Lapin, the First Secretary of Central Committee AUCP (b) 
Dr. Zinaida Smirnova, Secretary of Central Committee AUCP (b)

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Speech of the Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55) in Athens

The Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55) will give a speech 1 year after the bankrupt and the triple occupation by IMF-Commission-ECB explaining in public it’s position which can be summarised in the following:

Unilateral entire debt suspension of payments
Greece out of Euro-EMU-European Union

The speech will be given on Friday May 20 2011, 18:30 at the Athens Polytechnic.


See also our article in the latest issue of Unity and Struggle: Unilateral entire debt suspension of payments – Greece out of Euro-EMU-European Union [EXTENDED VERSION]

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Successfully held in Thessaloniki, the speech of the Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55)

The Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55) organized succesfully (31/3/2011) in Thessaloniki's Workers' Centre an event entitled

The anti-Marxist positions of the XX Congress of CPSU, February 1956”

“The destruction of socialism and the dissolution of the international communist movement”

“The intervation to KKE and the 6th plenary session, March 1956”

Former DSE guerrillas as well as young people participated in the event.  The speaker was c. Tasos Mpallos, member of the Political Committee of the Movement.

Parallel to the event, newspaper Anasintaxi, dvds and publications of our Movement were spread along the participants. The event was propagandized before its holding with posters in the streets and the university campus of Thessaloniki as well as on the Internet.

See also: Successfully held in Thessaloniki, the speech of the Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55) [3/12/2010]

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Greek unions to hold new general strike May 11

Greece's two main unions GSEE (the General Confederation of Greek Workers)  - ADEDY (the Civil Servants' Confederation)announced a new general strike on May 11.

The Movement for the Reorganisation of the KKE 1918-55 supports the strike and has released posters, flyers, etc. to support the struggle.

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