Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nikos Zachariadis at Dachau concentration camp

The following images are from a photo excibition a the Dachau concetration camp in which cde Nikos Zachariadis was imprisoned during the Second World War.

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PCMLE: An atrocious complicity

published in En March at the 5th of December 2011

International information realizes the resignation of Minister of Labor in Brazil, accused of corruption. With the resigning Carlos Lupi, seven ministers who have left their duties since Rousseff became president of that country in January. In Bolivia, a few weeks ago, three government officials of Evo Morales government resigned for the violent repression unleashed against the peasants that fight to oppose the construction of a road through a national park.

In our country it does not work that way. Here, the President of the Republic protects the corruptors and promotes the repression. When the case of illegal kickbacks and surcharges in the Ministry of Sports, in which is involved the former Minister Raul Carrion, President Correa had no qualms about defending and noted that against Carrion had been committed an injustice. While David Ortiz was in charge of the portfolio of Transport and Public Works was blamed for irregularities in awarding contracts for the construction of bridges and roads and collecting bribes for the same, however Ortiz went breezed out of these functions to take the national leadership of the DINSE. The most famous case is that of illegal contracts signed by Correas’brother, Fabricio Correa this case is covered by land that is launched from the highest levels because the president himself would be involved for them.

During the strike of teachers, two years ago, Professor Bosco Wisuma died as a result of the violent police repression, in May last year, Javier Garcia, Mejia school student was hit by a projectile launched by police and lost his left eye, the last September Edison Cosíos, student of the same high school, was seriously wounded in the head by the action of the forces of repression, situation that keeps him serious risk even in exile in a hospital. In none of these cases have been punished those responsible.

They are not the unique cases of corruption and repression that remain unpunished, there are many more, but are covered with a blinding government advertising campaign to believe that corruption in high places has virtually been defeated. Nothing is more false than this. The defense of human rights is its logo.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

In the commodity economy of the Soviet Union, labor power had been anew converted to commodity (preview)

At "Unity and Struggle" issue 23 (November 2011) we published an article with the title The working class in the Khrushchev-Brezhnev period was no longer the owner of the means of production
 Here is the beginning of the second part of this article. Soon we will publish it in whole.
b.      In the commodity economy of the Soviet Union, labor power had been anew converted to commodity.

The economic category “labor power” is the fundamental and most central for understanding scientifically the nature of the two diametrically opposite social-economic systems of the 20th century: capitalism-imperialism and socialism-communism. It is this historical-economic category that is related to both systems, with the existence of exploitation in capitalism and with its abolition in socialism-communism, while its different character determines their essence respectively.
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Articles by Movement for the Reorganisation of KKE (1918-55) at the theoritical journal "Unity and Struggle"

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Articles by Movement for the Reorganisation of KKE (1918-55) at the theoritical journal "Revolutionary Democracy"

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EMEP: Turkish planes killed 36 civilians

36 civilians have been killed by the bombardment of Turkish F-16 warplanes in Ortasu (Roboski) of Uludere district of Şırnak last night.

Among 50 people whose ages range between 15 and 30, 36 have been confirmed dead so far. 15 others are reported missing.

Relatives of victims are trying to find the scattered parts of bodies in the area. The bodies are reported to be completely burnt and unrecognizable. Four bodies were brought to the Şırnak State Hospital, while peasants took many charred bodies to the Ortasu village atop tractors and mules. According to the villagers, the bodies were charred as their diesel drums exploded, while some were left under the rubble of a big rock under which they took shelter.
Fehmi Yaman, the mayor of Uludere said: “We have 30 corpses, all of them are burned. The state knew that these people were smuggling in the region."

The killing of 36 civilians in an air raid in the southeastern province of Şırnak is an "unfortunate operational accident,” ruling Justice and Development Party deputy chairman Hüseyin Celik said.

General President of the Labour Party (EMEP) Selma Gurkan called Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and General Staff to resign. She added: “This crime can not be legitimised by any reason or cause. The main responsible of this attack to the people are the government and the General Staff. Committers and soldiers must be on trial immediately and give the account of this brutality.”

Labour Party (EMEP)
International Relations Bureau
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EMEP: AKP government has broken a record: 29 journalists were arrested in one day

There is no other example of such a thing, before neither in Turkey nor in the world: 29 journalists were arrested in one day. The number of the detained journalists has raised to 96...

49 journalists and media workers, most of which work for the Kurdish press, were arrested on 20th December in the context of nation-wide so-called KCK (Koma Civaken Kurdistan- Union of Communities in Kurdistan) operation.

There have been 36 detained people in total (29 journalists, 7 media workers) in one day by the decision of Istanbul specially authorized 9th high criminal court.

This is an obvious massive injustice against the journalists.

It is obvious that we confront the most massive injustice to journalists during the history of the Turkish Republic, if we exclude the period of 12th September coup just because we do not have any sufficient statistical information. Further more there is no other example of 29 journalists being arrested in just one day in the world.

The AKP government has broken a record.

Just now there are 96 journalists detained, including the 29 journalists being arrested on 24th December 2011. 17 of them are concessionaires and responsible editors. Thanks to AKP, Turkey is the leading country in terms of the amplitude of detained journalists. The AKP government has already converted Turkey into a big prison full of journalists. Turkey has already broken its own record on the numbers of detained journalist by the last detentions.

The main reasons for coming to this point are the Anti-Terror Law (TMY), which social opposition forces call Anti-Social Law, Courts-Martial, State Security Courts (DGM) and specially authorized high criminal courts, which are the favourites of AKP.

It is time to promote the solidarity with the detained journalists, revolutionary, socialist press, especially the Kurdish press. Freedom of press, freedom of thought and expression and the defenders of human rights are now facing another struggle.

Anti-Terror Law (TMY) must be annulled, specially authorized high criminal courts (OYM) must be abolished, the detained journalists must be released.

Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey
International Relations Bureau
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Communist Party of the Workers of France: Death of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Benin

We learned of the death, on April 5, Comrade Fantodji Pascal, a founding member and first secretary of the Communist Party of Benin (PCB). Such a loss is a blow comrades in Benin. We insist on showing them our communist solidarity by sending them the message below:
Communist Party of Benin
The Central Committee
To all militants
Dear comrades,
We would like to express to all the militants of PCBs our sincere condolences for the sudden death of your former secretary, Comrade Pascal Fantodji.
We did not know he was sick, and the announcement of his death surprised us. We measure the demise of this mean for your party comrade and the communist and revolutionary movement of your country. We also drove our condolences to his family, leaders and activists of the International Institute for Research and Information (In.I.RE.F), of which he was president.
We joined the call for you to release all communists, revolutionaries and patriots of Benin in order to redouble efforts to achieve the purpose for which the revolutionary comrade Fantodji fought. The people of Benin and the PCB can count on our commitment to overthrow French imperialism, our common enemy.
With fraternal greetings,
Central Committee of the Communist Workers Party of France
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Chronology of world-wide actions of protests against the shooting of workers in Zhanaozen

The bloody events in the Mangistauski region on December 16th have triggered a wave of indignation worldwide. Soon after the news of the shooting made it to the outside world the diplomatic missions of Kazakhstan have faced actions of protests and solidarity with the ailing workers and peaceful residents.

On December 18th in Tel-Aviv a demonstration in solidarity with the oil workers of Kazakhstan took place in front of the embassy. The demonstration was organized by the workers union “Strength to the workers”, the Arab-Jewish social movement “Tarabut” and the movement “Socialist struggle”.

In Moscow the first demonstration of solidarity took place the evening of December 16th in front of the embassy of Kazakhstan.  The comrades of the committee for a workers international put up a poster with the slogan “Now in Kazakhstan a peaceful demonstration of workers under strike is being attacked”. People passing by would stop and ask questions about the events in the country. Having learned about the events in the country people expressed their repudiation and discontent. Police officers in charge of security at the embassy would also express indignation. Later in the day people, mostly left activists, would come and leave flowers tied with black ribbons. On December 17th a second action of protest and solidarity with the workers of Kazakhstan took place in Moscow. Rank-and-file citizens organized via social networks showed up at the embassy of Kazakhstan to bring flowers in order to express their felt condolences with those workers and innocent civilians of Zhanaozen who lost their lives and to protest against the Kazak authorities. No embassy officials came out to communicate with the demonstrators.

Communists of the Leningrad committee of the Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP), the left organization “Rot Front” (not officially registered as a political organization), and comrades from leftist organizations put together a picket line under the banner of the workers union “Zaschita”. The picket line was organized on December 17th in front of the Consulate General of Kazakhstan   in the presence of a large police contingent. Diplomatic officials refused to communicate with the picket line. A statement addressed to the president and deputies of the Kazakh parliament with the demand to stop violent action against workers and an expression of solidarity with those who struggle against the dictatorship of Nazarbaev was read out in public and was attached to the gate of the Consulate General.

The evening of December 16th youth organizations of leftist orientation gathered at the embassy of Kazakhstan in Kiev. A demonstration took place to demand the immediate cessation     of violent action against peaceful residents of Zhanaozen. Diplomatic officials of Kazakhstan thinking that those gathered convened to congratulate them with the “day of independence” came out to greet the demonstrators. When they understood the intent of the demonstration they run away back into the premises without being able to answer questions. Demonstrators laid flowers and attached to the gates of the diplomatic mission black ribbons and placards with slogans such as “Oil is not worth blood”, “Stop the shooting of peaceful civilians”,
“Authorities of Kazakhstan are killers”.

That same date and at the same time few tens of representatives of leftist organizations, including the association “Borotba”, left opposition forces RKAS, independent anarchists and others, came out to the Consulate of Kazakhstan in Odessa. In memory of fallen representatives of the working class, left activists brought flowers and a five-pointed star made out of candles, a symbol of international proletarian solidarity, was drawn under the walls of the diplomatic mission. The security service behaved aggressively, especially the official in charge, who physically harassed peaceful demonstrators and tried to confiscate the camera of a journalist. Nevertheless, the self-confidence of the leftist activists prevented further hostile action on the side of security forces. Few brief speeches took place protesting against the action of killers dressed in police form and with a emotional support of comrades in Kazakhstan.

On December 16th in the German town of Aachen an action of protest was organized by socialists and leftists to protest against the killing of oil workers and their supporters in Kazakhstan. Despite the heavy rain and low temperatures, residents of Aachen expressed strong interests towards the events in Kazakhstan and gave a strong signal against the actions of the Kazakh authorities.

In Dublin, Paul Murphy, a deputy at the Euro-parliament from the Socialist party of Ireland and other members of the same party organized a picket line in solidarity with the Kazakh workers under attack by the authorities. The picket line got a strong support from automobiles passing by.

In Sweden there is no Kazakh embassy. As a result, the Kazakh company “Telia” was the targeted by protesters. This is a former government-owned telecommunication company that controls 98% of the grid network for mobile telephones in Kazakhstan. In the evening of December 16th in the Swedish towns of Stockholm, Goteborg and Lulea activists of the Committee for workers international distributed leaflets. Many people passing by expressed solidarity and disgust by comparing the Kazakh regime with those taken down by revolutions in the Arab-speaking world. In addition to various actions of protest, the Socialist party of Equality contacted various newspapers and unions to inform them about the bloody events.

 A group of members and sympathizers of the socialist party of Belgium together with assistants to the deputy of the Euro-parliament Paul Murphy, organized an action of protest at the embassy of Kazakhstan in Brussels. Members of the socialist party of England and Wales also protested in London in order to support the struggle of the oil workers.

On December 16th the “Socialist Alternative” in Germany organized an action of protest in front of the Kazakh embassy in Berlin. Few documents were handed to embassy officials. The most important among of the documents was a letter of protest signed by three members of the Bundestag and members of a leftist organization. Activists also handed to the deputy of the Kazakh ambassador a letter from “Socialist Alternative” and another form Kristina Lenert, a deputy of the city hall in Rostock. The embassy official accepted the letters after the police (which he himself  contacted!) showed up.

In Austria two actions of protest against the policies of Kazak authorities were organized: One near the Kazak Consulate in Graz and another near the Consulate in Vienna. During the action in Graz by passers were outraged by the events in Kazakhstan and reacted warmly to the organizers of the protest. In Vienna a Consulate official met the protesters. A letter of protest was handed to him.

Other organizations around the world expressed their discontent with the violent actions inflicted on workers and residents of Zhanaozen: The Communist Party of Greece, the Greek union PAME, the Communist Party of Bielorussia, Poland and Azerbaijan, the Russian Congress of Soviets of workers, specialist and state officials, the All-Ukrainian strike committee and several other unions, the Kazak organization in Poland “Wspolnota Kazachska”, the Conference of unions of Russia, the World Federation of unions, the International Conference of Unions.

On December 20th-21st a new wave of protests followed in Germany. On December 20th the “Socialist Alternative” organized simultaneous protests in Cologne and Berlin. On December 21st in Hong Kong an action of protest was organized in front of the building of the Kazak Consulate. Activists promised to launch a program of protests near the buildings of corporations linked to the oil business in Kazakhstan. On that same day Russian activists organized another picket at the monument to Engels in Moscow. On December 23rd activists of Rot Front demonstrated in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Moscow. Since December 16th picket lines take place on a daily basis at the embassy of Kazakhstan. Citizens keep bringing flowers.

At this stage a new campaign of protest coordinated internationally is being discussed. The deputy of the Euro-parliament from the Socialist party of Ireland, Paul Murphy, has collected the support of 47 deputies of left orientation and has declared about the formation of an international commission to investigate the massive shooting of workers and peaceful civilians in Zhaoneze and the village of Shetpe on December 16th, 17th and 18th. Russian civil rights activists are now willing to organize support for the workers by initiating the collection of signatures addressed at the Russian authorities to put pressure on Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan. Note of translator). They are also willing to participate in the campaign of protest to free Natalia Sokolovaya, a union attorney currently in custody of the Kazak authorities.

The struggle and the actions of protest continue.

Distributed by Proletarskaya Gazeta, 25.12.2011.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Anasintaxi, issue 357-358 (1-30/11/2011)

- NO to brutal extortion, the spontaneous political intervention of the Merkel-Sarkozy, representatives of the monopolies of the imperialist EU, within the country and the direct appointment of a government of IMF-ECB-EU and the participation of the Nazifascists of LAOS

-   PABLO PICASSO - "Stalin Prize" - "K" KE

- THE DEEPNING OF DANGEROUS FASCISTASATION in governmental level and the attitude of "K" KE-SYN

- Athens Polytechnic Uprising 2011: the path of anti-fascist, anti-imperialist popular uprising remains in the agenda

- 46 million Americans in poverty and misery
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More photos from PAME-"K"KE stance on October 20

Members of "K"KE-PAME in front of police forces uphold the Greek Parliament using sticks and helmets

Members of "K"KE-PAME attacked protesters during the second day of the 48-hour general strike (October 19-20)

None of these photos were published in "Rizospastis". newspaper of "K"KE
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joint communiqué of the Organization for the Construction of the Communist Workers Party of Germany Arbeit Zukunft (Work Future) and the KPD/ML

The members of the Organization for the Construction of the Communist Workers Party of Germany (below Arbeit Zukunft) and the KPD/ML (Red Star) have merged into a single organization. This is the result of more than three years of continual friendly and good collaboration based on solidarity and criticism. In the unity process the concluding joint talks showed that there were no essential differences in the ideological and political views of the two organizations that would justify the continued existence of two separate organizations before the working class.
In recent years, the working class in Germany has been facing the harshest attacks of the ruling bourgeoisie, of capital and the State since the destruction of the Nazi regime. We mention only the Agenda 2010 and the placing of the whole burden of the current overproduction crisis solely on the backs of the working people. The workers and other working people are on the defensive in this fight and are forced to continually defend themselves against a massive loss of their social rights and gains!
The lack of a strong Communist organization based on the teachings of Marxism-Leninism that irreconcilably confronts the interests of capital is a decisive weakness, which hinders the power of the workers not only in the defensive fight against these attacks. Both Arbeit Zukunft as well as the KPD/ML have been trying for many years to build up such a Communist leadership, but they were conscious of the fact that they could not fulfill the demands of the class struggle here.
Why don’t you finally unite! – That is the demand of the workers, employees, unemployed people, progressive and revolutionary-minded people again and again to us and to the countless other groups that consider themselves communist. With their merger, Arbeit Zukunft and the KPD/ML want to contribute to meeting this demand of the working class. The merger will improve our work and strengthen our forces.
It is clear to us that this only is a small step in fulfilling our duties in the class struggle. Even after our merger we can barely begin the tasks to be dealt with by a real Communist Party. Both Arbeit Zukunft and the KPD/ML know that, outside their and other organizations, there are unorganized people who are sympathetic with socialism or communism, who are confused by the many left groups. We hope that through our merger we can give these people more confidence.
It is also clear to us that we must work together with other organizations who consider themselves Marxist-Leninist. Thus we have the goal, not only of becoming stronger through concrete actions, but in particular of merging.
We do not want an unprincipled merger. The old Communist parties suffered a historic defeat, both in the formerly socialist countries where they were in power, as well as in the capitalist countries. We expect to work in the future for a unity that draws relentless consequences from this failure – especially from the defeat of the previous attempts of building socialism: in ideology and theory, in political program and the relation of a Communist Workers Party to the workers and working people. We see the roots of the defeat of the socialist countries in the continuing existence of capitalist birthmarks, and in the unconscious or conscious redevelopment of capitalist relations and their corresponding class structures. Without criticism of the ideological cover up, the clarification of these relations, without criticism of revisionism and without clarity and self-criticism there will be no new attempts at socialism. For us, the clarification of the past is the basis for the future. We must learn, so that it does not go wrong again!
Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement! Lenin's words applied today mean no less than to accomplish this task.
Our now united organization is called “Organization for the Construction of the Communist Workers Party of Germany / Arbeit Zukunft”. We think that a new, third name would only lead to more confusion. The two newspapers will to continue to exist, but with different emphases. The newspaper Arbeit Zukunft should be oriented to reach the largest number of working people, including those who so far are still not close to socialism or communism. Red Star should continue – with increased strength – as the future theoretical organ.
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