Friday, June 21, 2013

Nationalization of public transport now! The people in power!

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, mostly young people, are in the streets to demand the reduction of the absurd buses fares and a free pass. Public transport in our country is of poor quality, though it is one of the most expensive in the world. So 37 million Brazilians are forced to walk because they do not have money to pay the fare.

But this does not happen by chance.

Public transport has been privatized. In all major cities a small number of wealthy families are owners of bus companies. The rulers take bribes from these entrepreneurs and, in turn, increase the fares every year, often more than the rate of inflation, leaving the population to the greed of these sharks. This minority, besides realizing super profits from the high fares, receive subsidies from the municipalities and governments. Therefore, the solution is nationalization of public transport.

But the people are also suffering from the dismantling of the Unified Health Care System (SUS), with a mafia of health plans, with teachers receiving low salaries and education being transformed into a commodity.

In the countryside, monopolies steal the land of the indigenous peoples and peasants to export soybeans, while there is a lack of food on the workers’ tables. More than that, our oil is being auctioned to the multinationals in exchange for crumbs.

When the people go into the streets to demand their rights, the governments say there is no money and sends the Shocks Battalions to throw bombs and shoot at the protesters.

However, to meet the interests of FIFA [International Federation of Soccer Association], the federal government has spent billions to build and renovate stadiums. In addition, the Government also uses public money to pay the interest on the debt, enriching speculators, to ensure subsidies to automakers and rescue failed banks, such as the Pan American millionaire Silvio Santos, or the company OGX of the playboy Eike Batista.

For the workers only crumbs are left. Brazil has one of the lowest minimum wages in Latin America, while the capitalist bosses earn fortunes.

The major media of the bourgeoisie, headed by Globo, are also responsible for this situation because they supported the military dictatorship that tortured and killed hundreds of Brazilian revolutionaries and spread corruption throughout Brazil. Globo also supported Collor, the military coup in Honduras, the imperialist wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, it wants Brazil to become the U.S. back yard and defends the repression against the popular movement. Incidentally, alongside FIFA, Rede Globo is the is the one that makes the most from the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. Therefore, it is urgent to democratize the media.

The fact is that the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class, takes possession of all the riches produced by society, while most of the people survive on almost nothing, live in slums or rental housing. When it rains, they lose what little they have, and many lose their lives.

Also because of this failed system, over 200 million workers are unemployed worldwide, of whom 75 million are youths.

The truth is that no one will free the people if they do not fight themselves. To change this situation, the solution is, therefore, to fight and not bow one’s head to the powerful. Without struggle there is no revolution and with no revolution there is no transformation! The PCR is struggling for a popular revolution and socialism!

Enough of the exploitation by the bosses and of abuses against the people!

We demand our rights!

The people are not stupid! Globo must go!

Nationalization of public transport now!

June 2013

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR)

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Monday, June 17, 2013

EMEP: State terror in Turkey

emep17th June 2013

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has, once again, tried to suppress the people’s demand for freedom and democracy expressed in Gezi Park demonstrations with the attack towards Gezi Park on the evening of 15 June. Absolute state terror is being directed at the people manifesting their demands through democratic and peaceful demonstrations.

While the extent of the attacks have reached such a point as to carry the intention of killing people, similar to junta periods, it has not been possible to receive any news from those taken under police custody. Police forces have been reinforced with military units and the country is faced with an unnamed martial law, declaration of a state of emergency.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan is hanging on to such rhetoric as; “these events are a result of external forces conspiring against me and my government, those concocting games, interest lobbies, illegal marginal organisations etc. etc.” as though they were life savers. Yet they are all words adding up to a demagogy constructed in order to slander the legitimate protests of the people and find a cover for fascistic actions.

The attack began while (a series of) meetings organised by the Taksim Solidarity Platform in order to determine the tendencies regarding Gezi Park were continuing and as a result of the personal command issued by Prime Minister Erdoğan during his Ankara rally and under the control both of the Governor of Istanbul and Chief of Police. This fact on its own is enough to demonstrate that Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP government has no intention or desire to solve the issue through peaceful methods and dialogue; that, on the contrary, there is an inclination to collect new political gain from the “chaos” by escalating conflicts and tension.

Nevertheless; the “victim” role acted out very successfully by Tayyip Erdoğan during the last 12 years will not serve this time around. With these last events; our people have fully grasped that what they are faced with is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Like every dictator enthusiast Tayyip Erdoğan is advancing towards the inevitable end at full speed.

No force can stand in front of the will of the people… Hence neither will Tayyip Erdoğan or his government be able to.

Attacks towards the people must cease immediately. The police force must withdraw from the streets and those responsible must be removed from office in order to stand trial. The political responsibility of these events falls on Prime Minister Erdoğan and the AKP government. The Prime Minister and his government must apologise to the people and declare that they accept the demands of the people.

I call on the labour and democracy forces of our country and all our citizens to unite and struggle in order to end this state terror directed at the legitimate, democratic demands of our people.



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Saturday, June 15, 2013


hayat_logoAs a result of the meetings held with the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), the Council has withdrawn its decision to cease our broadcast. RTÜK has also stated that it will resolve the licence issue at the soonest possible date. Hayat Television has eliminated the threat of a blackout with intensive support from the workers, labourers, youth, women, impoverished masses, intellectuals, artists and the people as a whole who have deemed it to be their own channel as of the moment it has initiated its establishment.

The reaction of all the different sections of society struggling for democracy has produced this result and a grave mistake was avoided. The voice of the people defending their freedom of information and raised through the slogans of tens of thousands from the streets and both through the messages and actions from their houses, workplaces, Gezi Park, from each and every corner of their living domains has reinforced our voice.

Today Hayat Television is stronger than it was yesterday and will continue its broadcasting with the consciousness that its responsibility has increased and on the basis of all its former broadcasting accumulation.

We extend our endless gratitude to all the masses of people who, claiming their channel, have given their support for it to overcome the danger it faced and who have always found a place for themselves in our screen! We will continue our path, stronger each day due to your support and contributions…

Gökhan Çetin
General Manager of Hayat TV

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

URGENT: Hayat TV to close down

Hayat TV, a progressive Turkish TV channel of the working people, the youth, women and the intellectuals is facing closure.

We believe this is a blow to people’s freedom of information.

The decision for the closure is made by the broadcasting regulator RTUK, Radio & Television High Commission with the pretext that Hayat TV has no licence.

This is not true. Hayat TV has been broadcasting since 21 March 2007 by ofcom licence via TURKSAT satellite. But a recent change in broadcasting rules via TURKSAT requires broadcasters to obtain a RTUK licence to be able to broadcast via satellite.

Our application for a RTUK licence has been submitted and pending for a decision. We have taken all the necessary steps and RTUK agreed that we could carry on broadcasting as it is until a RTUK licence is granted.

However, RTUK is now making an arbitrary decision to close down our channel because of, we believe, our broadcast of recent protests in Istanbul and across Turkey.

RTUK says they investigated “the complaints received for our coverage of the Gezi Park protests” and made a decision for the closure.

We believe this closure is part of the overall repression on the media in Turkey during the more than two-week-long Gezi Park protests. Four other TV channels have been given a fine by RTUK because of their coverage of the recent events.

RTUK sent a letter to TURKSAT to put an end to Hayat TV broadcast at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, 14th June 2013.

We believe this arbitrary and unlawful decision should be reversed.

We call on all democratically minded people to show solidarity with Hayat TV.

Mustafa Kara

Hayat TV Broadcast Coordinator

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Selma Gurkan: Gezi resistance needs to grow

emep-taksimLabour Party (EMEP) Leader Selma Gürkan stated that the resistance started at Gezi Park widened to become an opposition to AKP government policies. Regarding the Prime Minister’s stance she said, “This is not simply insistence on the Barracks. The PM knows that if he takes a back step now others will follow”. Gürkan answered our questions, stating that widening of the resistance is the immediate responsibility of all labour and democratic forces.

What are your thoughts on the people’s movement started by the defence of trees in Gezi Park?

The will and resistance shown by the people to the fluctuating intervention and attacks have not developed overnight. It is a manifestation of the reaction built up by the policies of the government that victimises its own population. It is a reflex against political attacks.

The movement seems to be against the PM. The masses walk to the PM’s office rather than the Parliament. The slogans calling for the PM to resign are the most common...

The reason is the PM’s stance and his statements; aggressive, separatist and provocative. Hence the PM is the visible face of the government’s policies and the target of the protests. In both in his speeches in Tunisia and on his return to Istanbul, as well as his public addresses in Mersin, Adana and Ankara; his mildest definition of the protesters has been looters, plunderers, scoundrels... Since the beginning, he has used similar language against all that has opposed or resisted him. Such as telling the farmers to “take your mum and go”, branding the protests of citizens as “ideological, agitation”, etc. Now he is using definitions against the Gezi Resistance that are untrue. The public has witnessed the dose of violence displayed by the police and their civil companions brandishing sticks. Of course any movement that is just about vandalising cannot be accepted and will damage itself. But what shell the public do faced with gas bombs, police panzers and plastic bullets. They rightfully resist. We are talking about advertising boards and stops that people use as shields being targeted in attacks. These unprovoked attacks are the reason for this resistance to be so popular among the public.

As well as “agitation by outside influences” the PM is also talking internally about the interest lobby, Ergenekon and those favouring a coup. Is there any truth in this?

History is repeating. They are a repeat of government lies I used to hear in my childhood. If we need to draw attention to any agitation it should be the mindset that blocks the eyes, ears and hearts of the public, which oppresses them, gasses, bludgeons and kills them. If an interest lobby exists then the government should look at its own financial relations. It is not the Gezi protesters that exchange money with international financial institutions. To see this movement as an attempted coup is utter carelessness. The PM thinks that his portrayal as the victim of a coup will increase his political reputation. On the contrary it is well known that to bring into line the public, the opposition, the media, the judiciary, the universities, etc. Erdoğan uses tactics that differ not much from a coup. These classic methods to discredit the people’s just resistance do not work anymore.

The PM’s stance was tough before going to Tunisia. The expectation of a softening in his stance on his return was also futile. There was a very strong intervention in Taksim on 11 June.

Yes, he does constantly mention his determination to rebuild the Topçu Barracks but this is not an insistence on the barracks. The PM knows that if he takes a step back now others will follow. This is the emphasis of all of his politics. As a result a reckless attack has been staged on 11 June under the pretext of ensuring security in Taksim.

The level of participation among the youth surprised everyone. Youth in central and women in local actions have been prominent. What has brought them to the fore?

The government policies mostly affect youth and women. The youth, due to its character, do not give in to the traditional; do not appreciate intervention on their lives. They are fed up of the changes in the education system, problems in further education and universities, unemployment and uncertain futures, and women of intervention in their lives, violence and poverty.

What about the Gezi protests spreading to 70 cities around the country?

What we said for the youth and women could be widened to all sections of the society. Everyone is going out on the streets in line with their own local issues. The government’s policies affect all sections of society adversely.

What would the influence of the current period of negotiations and ceasefire be on Gezi resistance or the impact of Gezi on the peace process?

We can definitely talk about a mutual positive affect. The ceasefire of the last five months weakened racist, chauvinist influences and supported the rise of this movement. On the other hand, the Gezi protests have also exposed the public’s yearning and demand for democracy, rights and freedoms. We can confidently say that nothing will be the same again. During the peace process, it was said of the Kurdish struggle that it is a point of no return; the genie is out of the bottle. We could now say the same about the desire and energy shown by the public on the streets in fighting for rights and freedoms. Governments need to realise that you cannot govern without recognising the will of the public.

Along with the call for constraint - aimed mainly at the protesters - by TÜRK-İŞ (Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions), TZOB (Turkish Chambers of Agriculture), TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey), Hak-İş and Memur-Sen (Pro-government trade union confederations), weren’t the other unions late in their reaction?

A call for constraint among the public after their sufferings from attacks, injuries, deaths and violence will not find a response. The calls for restraint must be addressed at the government, the Department for Internal Affairs, governors and the police. It should also be noted that the support from opposing unions within TMMOB (The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects), TTB (Turkish Medical Association) and DİSK (Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions of Turkey) and some opposition unions in Türk-İş to the initial strike decision by KESK and the strike and street protests, taking place in the early stages of the protests is important and meaningful, regardless of their weakness. But this unity has not been developed further. Local platforms, committees and unions must be set up immediately for unity of power.

What kind of lessons should be learnt from the struggle by the unionists and advanced workers and labourers?

Unions should quickly advance the organisation for unity among workers and public workers to develop class unity. Organisation should not be limited to this; all sections of the public involved in the struggle, mukhtars, neighbourhood associations, community centres, religious centres, etc. that defended their rights and freedoms in the streets and neighbourhoods should develop and strengthen their own organisation. To develop this struggle and turn it into a real people’s opposition, spread the struggle for democracy in the country, to create the widest unity of equality, democracy and peace movements; these are the immediate tasks facing labour, peace and democracy organisations as well as our party.

The reaction to Erdoğan’s statement of “I’m hardly keeping the 50% at home” has led him to point at the elections in seven months time and took decisions for big rallies in major cities. What does this mean?

This has never been seen in history. The government has the opportunity to communicate with the population at any time they want. Everything he says is in all forms of media. He had thrown the same threat at students protesting against exam irregularities. He is now organising rallies that will put people against each other. The AKP government-calling people out for these rallies are a call to arms. Furthermore, he is abusing the power of his office, blackmailing public sector workers to welcome him in the streets, and abusing public utilities such as using public transport vehicles. Where is the equality, justice democracy in this? Kenan Evren had staged rallies like this after 12 September to make the public feel the force and effect of the coup. You are the government in office, how are these different from the rallies of a coup?

Even if the PM got 70% of the votes, does this justify oppression of the other 30%?

We have to look at this 50% issue from different perspectives. Firstly, what reality does it represent? Once the system, election threshold, non-voting has been taken into account his share drops to 49.5%. Hence it is not clear to what degree he represents the public’s desires. Let us assume he got 50%, even 90% of the votes. Does this mean the government can do what it wants? Let’s look at AKP’s election manifesto. Did he go to the public saying “We’ll fix minimum wage at the hunger threshold? Increase the price of petrol, electricity and water. We’ll ban alcohol and cigarettes. We’ll evict you from your houses through ‘urban transformation’. We’ll open mines that will poison your lands and water and ruin the environment with new dams. We’ll reduce your children’s opportunity for employment through our work policies. You’ll pay extra for education and health services. Vote for these policies?” What has been promised and exercised is different. At what stage of these implementations is the public consulted? He is talking about a 50% as if he kept his promises. Second issue is the lie that the minority is ruling the majority. Gezi protestors aren’t complaining about this or that aspect of the majority. Besides, he is talking about majority and minority according to what criteria? What is important is that the rights of the majority and the minority are secured. He is trying to split society into them and us, but the Gezi protesters are giving his politics the best response with variety and colour.

Could the Gezi demands be seen as democratic demands? How can a link between those and other be established?

They are the most democratic demands. What is not democratic is the PM’s stance, policies, and government. A call to “Give up on building the Topçu Barracks, demolishing the AKM, and building a third bridge” means give up on all policies such as building dams, power plants, urban transformation and privatisation of forests and protect your history, nature and environment.

The investigation, removal and prosecution of the governors, police chiefs and secretaries of state responsible for the attacks is a call to the government to not wave a stick in the faces of its citizens, investigate those that do and not use chemicals on your own people.

Furthermore, photos of the police officer that killed Ethem Sarısülük in Ankara had been shared in social media for days and finally shown by national media. The irresponsible actions and hostility of this officer, who jumped in among the workers and just shot the young worker, cannot be accepted. Internal Affairs and police should immediately hand this individual over to the law.

To demand the release of those in custody means; you cannot investigate, prosecute and imprison people just because they are against the dominant policies and critical of them, you should review these policies. The demand to open squares to the people means remove any barriers against the public’s rights to gather, demonstrate, march and those against media and freedom of speech, make open spaces available to the masses.

Formulized for equality, solidarity and freedom, the Gezi protests summarise the country’s need for more democracy. It represents the demands for justice and freedom by all sections of the society; equality between Turkish and Kurdish, solidarity among all minorities whether Laz, Caucasian, Arab and Armenians and equality between all beliefs whether Alevi, Sunni, Christian, Assyrian.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Turkey: Police entered Taksim Square


Police entered Taksim Square

11st June 2013

emepRiot police have taken partial control of Taksim Square after entering the site around 7.30 a.m. today and surrounded the Atatürk Statue following use of tear gas and pressurized water on the protesters. It was the first time the police entered the square since they retreated from the venue on June 1.

The police removed the banners and flags hanging on the AKM cultural center and the Atatürk statue. Only a Turkish flag and an Atatürk poster remained on the AKM.

Police forces have also removed the barricades that had been built by protesters on the streets entering the Taksim area.


At least two people have been wounded in the clashes. One of the injured was unconscious, possibly passed out. A group of protesters attempted to build a buffer zone between the police and the clashing crowds to prevent either side from violence. An unidentified protester threw a Molotov cocktail at the buffer zone, however, a large number of protesters at the site claimed the Molotov-throwing protester was in fact an undercover cop.

Similar claims of undercover policemen inciting violence disguised as protesters have been surfacing all morning, with social media posts heavily accusing the government of attempting to delegitimize the protests.


Hundreds of thousands of people flooded Taksim Square on Sunday, in response to the call of Taksim Solidarity, leading the 15 days old resistance in Gezi Park. Workers, supporters of life, artists, intellectuals, the religious, Turks, Kurds, Alevis, Armenians, socialists, women, men, LGBTs, youth, children, elderly, all sections of the population in opposition came to Taksim Square.

In response to the police attacks in Ankara, slogans of “Resist Ankara, Taksim is with you” were chanted during the rally. Cries of “resisting” followed the name of each town where protests were held. “Only slept for five hours in days. Subjected to pepper gas numerous times! They ask me whether I will save the country. Even if cannot save it, we’ll die trying”; the last post on social media by Abdullah Cömert - killed in a police attack - was also read to the rally.

The agreed statement read to the rally by architect Mücella Yapıcı said, “Not every word of the Prime Minister will be law. As the people who have managed this, we realise that we’ll stop those policies that serve the few that are driven by financial greed, that are anti-labour, anti-democratic, against arts and science”.


These are the clear demands expressed by Taksim Solidarity:

- That Gezi Park stays as a park. That an official statement guaranteeing no planned development - whether called Topçu Kışlası or not - will be built on the park site is released and that the planned demolition o the Atatürk Kültür Merkezi (AKM) is cancelled

- That all those responsible, starting with Taksim Gezi park, for preventing people’s democratic right to protest, that ordered the violent crack-down, that enforced and carried these orders, caused thousands of casualties and two fatalities are removed; primarily the Governors and Chief Constables in Istanbul, Ankara and Hatay

- That the use of pepper gas and the like are banned

- That all citizens taken into custody across the country are released immediately and given a guarantee that they will not be prosecuted

- That all squares – primarily the May-Day arenas of Taksim and Kızılay squares - and public spaces are again opened to meetings, rallies and activities and any barriers on freedom of speech are removed


Prime Minister Erdoğan held rallies in Adana, Mersin and Ankara while hundreds of thousands were calling for the government’s resignation in Taksim. Erdoğan said “the interest lobby should sort itself out. This lobby has exploited my people’s hard work. They won’t be able to do it anymore. We have been patient. I’m talking to those banks and others that keep this lobby alive. You’ll pay heavily for starting this struggle against us. Those who shamelessly try to make the stock exchange collapse, Tayyip Erdoğan have no money in the stock market. Only you will be ruined. We never gave speculators a chance, and we won’t again. If we find you speculating we’ll throttle you. You will not be able to exploit this country any more. Those days are gone”.


Erdoğan also talked about the police violence that killed two and caused five thousand casualties. He defended the police thus: “This is the police of the people; they are from among the people. They struggle for order and safety among the people. Were we supposed to abandon the squares to anarchists? What are they fighting for? The police are fighting to defend us”.

Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey:

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Yusufpasa - Fatih/ISTANBUL - TURKEY


+90 212 5880300


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Friday, June 07, 2013

The Stalinist Constitution (1936) in Greek

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Anasintaxi 386B (1-31/5/2013)


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Anasintaxi 386 (1-31/5/2013)


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Anasintaxi 385B (1-30/4/2013)


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Anasintaxi 385 (1-30/4/2013)


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Nikos Zachariadis: Articles in “Rizospastis” (1945)

The "Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55" all articles written by Nikos Zachariadis in “Rizospastis” in 1945 and printed a small book. The book also contains all interviews of Nikos Zachariadis published in “Rizospastis” at the same year.

Άρθρα του Νίκου Ζαχαριάδη στο Ριζοσπάστη (1945)

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Long Live International Solidarity with the Struggle of the People of Turkey!

In the recent week, the world has witnessed the formation of a wide-spread and massive movement against the policies of the ruling party “Justice and Development Party – AKP” in Turkey. Though the media of the “democratic” countries tried to stop the world-spread of the news about the development of events in Turkey but the power of the movement and the mass reporting of the events by the people on the scenes broke the silence of the imperialist media. The reports showed the brutality of the repressive forces who rule in Turkey. They also showed the world the fast growth, the spread, and the demands of the movement.

The recent and unprecedented movement in Turkey has roots in the economical and political situations in the country. Despite the deceitful propaganda about the “sharp economic growth” in Turkey, poverty and unemployment and hunger and inflation are threatening the lives of the public. It is a public knowledge that 30 percent of the society lives under the government-set poverty line and that inflation runs more than 11 percent a year. The neo-liberal policies of the “Justice and Development” Party represented by the Prime Minister Erdogan in the past 10 years, the privatization of many branches of economy, the increasing export of financial capital to turkey by the imperialist powers in order to plunder and to gain new and hi-profitable markets, … all have put tremendous pressure on the livelihood of the people. On the other hand, the political dependency of Turkish power on the imperialists, the NATO membership, the political alliance with the racist and criminal Israeli regimes, the delivery of supplies and financial aids and mobilization of the medieval forces against Syria, the suppression of political freedoms, the imposition of reactionary laws in the direction of Islamization of the society, attacks on the secular laws, blowing the horn of revival of Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, …. have turned Turkey into a barrel of gasoline. Demolition of Gizi Park in Istanbul and cutting its trees to build a shopping mall was the spark to the barrel that caused the explosion of the anger and hatred of the Turkish people against the political power that defends the existing conditions.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) supports the brave struggle of the workers, Women, youth, nurses, medical doctors, writers, and intellectuals in Turkey against the government of Erdogan and calls on fraternal Parties and Organizations, the revolutionary and progressive forces , and the freedom loving individuals to express solidarity with the people if Turkey.

Long Live the Solidarity between the People of Iran and Turkey!

Down with the Imperialist-dependent Ruling Power in Turkey!

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

June 5, 2013

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) Boycotts the Sham Presidential Elections in Iran and Demands Democratic Rights and Freedom for the People!

According to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, president of the country is elected by the direct popular votes and not by the parliamentary representatives. The presidential elections in Iran will take place on June 14, 2013.

Every 4 years, the Iranian authorities appeal to the citizens for their vote in order to nationally and internationally legitimize their rule. During the election campaigns, the Islamic authorities promise to improve the economic conditions of the masses and to make the future better for the citizens, but the economic- social- political conditions have been worsening for the working people year after year. When the people take to the streets and protest the intolerable living conditions, when the masses challenge the authorities, they are given the response that the “Supreme Leader” is not bound to the votes of the people, that the pillars of the Republic are based on Islam and not on the observance of democratic principles, wills, or votes of the citizens.

This lack of respect for the opinion, wills, and votes of the people has existed since the first year of the establishment of the Islamic Republic. The repetition of the farce, hypocritical, and deceptive shows by the Islamic regime has caused the people to laugh at and ridicule the Islamic Republic.

The candidates for the presidential elections have gone through filters by the “Guardian Council” and by the “Supreme Leader”. Each candidate is worse, more corrupt, more involved in embezzlement, more reactionary, and more criminal than the other. Furthermore, the Iranian masses will not make a choice between bad and worse. Making a choice between bad and worse is a vicious circle that can continue forever. As long as the Islamic Republic has been in power, there have been factions and inter-quarrels between the factions. All factions have full adherence to the reactionary Constitution of the Islamic Republic and to the rule of a “Supreme Leader”. All factions and all candidates for presidential elections supported the slaughter of the political prisoners in 1988, supported all political executions and assassinations, participated in the repression of the workers activists, opposed to the freedom of expression and assembly and formation of independent labour organizations, etc.

The strategic line of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) is to overthrow of the criminal, corrupt, despotic, and theocratic regime of the Islamic Republic. Removing the Islamic Republic from the power will eliminate obstacles for the development of a democratic Iran, and will pave the way for the participation of the working people in the political life of the country.

At the present situation, we call on all Iranian people not to participate in the presidential elections. Through this active and vigorous call, we fully boycott the elections. The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) demands the freedom of all political parties and organizations, equality of men and women in all spheres of life, elimination of censorship, the freedom of expression and assembly, the freedom of all political prisoners, the freedom of trade union and guild activities. These just and logical demands have wide spread support in the society and will corner the regime and the “Supreme Leader”. Theoretically, these demands could be met in any ordinary bourgeois state. But the Islamic regime’s surrender to these demands- a regime with a three- decade history of corruptions and embezzlement and execution and … - is a big defeat for the “Supreme Leader”. These demands will build a powerful movement independent from the factions of the regime that puts an end to the hesitation of the masses in making a choice between bad and worse.

The recognition of the democratic rights and freedom of the masses is a pre-condition and prerequisite to any free elections.

Boycott the Presidential Elections in Iran!

No to the Regime of the Islamic Republic!

No to Imperialist Sanctions and Threats against Iran!

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
May 2013

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EMEP: About the developments in Turkey

How can anyone interpret the ongoing widespread massive demonstrations launched on previous week? The Turkish Spring? A public upheaval? Or a coup attempt ignited by the nationalists?

To make a realistic interpretation,one must consider the latest political incidents in Turkey. Definitely, it is not just one spark which glinted the fire.

AKP Government,the most loyal ally of US and Western Imperialism in Middle East ,an important actor of the Greater Middle East Initiative and the most devoted executor of Neo-liberal politics;and its policies were found extensive protests for years.  

The policies such as disposal of public property to multinational institutions and to local tycoons,massive dismissals, the reorganization of the working life  against workers outsourcing, union-busting, restriction of social rights, lower wages,increased exploitation of labor in the name of increasing performance evoked insurgency everyday in factories and institutions.

On the other hand,the ignorance and the assimilative policies on Kurdish people, massive detentions caused tremendous repercussions .

The urbanite bourgeoisie were disturbed by the religious based practices and the statements of the AKP Government.Implementation of compulsory religious education in secondary schools,re-arrangement of the education system  according to religious references requested,the increase in the number of religious schools,the Ministry of Religious Affairs, which employs a huge army of clerics to arbitration,restrictions for  the sale of alcoholic beverages and smoking,replenish of the  bureaucratic cadre by the religious sections called the pro-AKP.

AKP, by creating high interest rates and selling the public domain to foreign capital at very low rates,provided a flow of hot money and tried to attract the share capital which refrain from investing their money in the Middle East or in the Western banks and companies.So that the AKP government was more successfull so far as Europe and US in slurring over the wolrd economic crises.  

But,lately, the hot money money flow from abroad has been decreased.AKP government tried to avoid the economical predicament  by implementing a construction campaign so called “Urban transformation”.The most valuable areas in big cities were expropriated,multi-storey  structures builded on public domains and sold for extreme prices.Growing traffic problem, destroying of green spaces and the prejudiced policies in  which AKP followers filled their pockets,lead to a widespread discontent. 

The Syrian policy of AKP government unplugged a great dissatisfaction amongst people.The monetary aid supporting the radical islamic organisations and groups and deploying these groups on Syria border caused lots of issues.The radical islamists became a menacing power for the Alawite majority on the border.harboring the radical islamists impaired the trade and the economy in the area.

The bankruptcies and the unemployment has increased.Besides,the negative effects of 5 million dollars spent on Esad opposers has become to emerge.

In these circumstances, Prime minister Erdoğan announced that a Shopping mall would be builded in Taksim Park.The Shopping mall would be constructed as a caserne. Artillery Barracks during the bourgeois revolution in 1908,known as the headquarters of reactionary forces,and the center of the uprising AKP,resuscitating the barracks,is advocating the March 31, 1908 reactionary uprising and also wanted to take revenge of the 1908 Revolution. Barracks project revealed as such for a substantial portion of the population.In addition, Taksim environmental sectors also disturbed about the fact that almost no green space would be left in the shopping center. Erdoğan’s intention to change the city landscape without the consent of such majority,led the way to an uprising to his dictator-like policies.


Taksim Gezi Park,resistance began.Business machines,taking action to demolish Taksim Park attracted thousands of people to Taksim Gezi Park. Late at night,after the main mass had left the park,the police forces attacked a small group sleeping in tents.The tents were burned by the police, the activists were beaten and exposed to pepper gas.

A month ago, on May 1st demonstration in Taksim AKP government banned a distance of twenty miles from the entrance to thwart  and  mass transport to the zone is stopped, they cut off the access to the city's Asian and European parts the whole day, and the masses were subjected to attack, gas and water cannons.The precautions taken by the AKP government has aggrieved all the people in İstanbul and the tourists.  

Now, again, the same method is used  to terminate  the action in Gezi Park.This latest attack,exasperated  a very wide range of masses and tens of thousands of people departed to Taksim. When the working hours ended,the number of  the masses accumulated in Taksim reached one hundred thousand. Dense gas and water cannons used in  the police attack.Despite the censorship promoted by the bourgeois media,by the efforts of social media and a few revolutionary and democratic organ the events  has  been transferred to the public. Actions spread to Ankara and Izmir. People not leave the streets until dawn.In İzmir, Ankara and İstanbul the clashes between the police and the activists had become tough.Baricades have been built.During the clashes,some youngsters have died in Ankara, İstanbul and Hatay.Tens of thousands of people have been injured and been arrested. Our Party’s youth branch administrator in Ankara have also been injured and arrested. 

Most of the protesters were composed of youngsters and women.The football team supporters also participated the demonstrations by putting off the challenges between them.The most used slogans of the actions were “Resignate Government” and “Resignate Tayyip”. The masses participated to the demonstrations were often unorganized.

Our party,all revolutionary and democratic parties, greens, environmentalists, chambers of physicians, engineers and architects rooms, public sector workers' unions, the Alawite, intellectuals and artists, lawyers,nationalist groups all composed the secular sections which agree that the AKP government was slowly building a religious law system.

Our Party, participating the demonstrations with all its cadre and organizations,tried to attract the labour, proletarian and the unions to the action. Fasten on the formation of  the administrative instruments of the actions and to refine the targets.

Summoned for the Kurdish problem 's democratic and populist solution,abolition of restrictions on freedom of press,expression and association,the rights of the  Alewite,for return of usurped rights of the working class and laborers, removal of the election  threshold, to determine and  punish those responsible for the massacres as Roboski and Reyhanlı, providing the police from gas-spraying of demonstrators,for the prohibition of dismissal of cities,prohibition of  destruction of green spaces for rent by looting and an end to logging. Called for general strike and resistance.

Summoned to the people to organize and struggle.Today, Public Laborer Union (KESK) and Revolutionary  Labourer Unions Confederation are installing a general strike. The events in Turkey this week, has similar and different aspects from the processes experienced in Tunisia, Egypt or other Arabian countries.The similarities are; wide masses saying” This is enough” and invading the streets and the  resolution for struggle.The differences are the organisational level for the masses and the demands.For the last five years, similar actions took place not only in Arabian countries or in Turkey,also in European countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain,France and England; and in some Latin American countries.Common ground for all is masses rebelling against the repression and the  exploitation of capitalism.

It is clear that the people revolting against the ruling class for their own rights and freedom will be strengthen by the international solidarity and the unity.

Labour Party (EMEP)


4 June 2013 (English)

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Saturday, June 01, 2013

EMEP: Three dilemmas of Turkey in Syria problem

It is being alleged that CIA and MOSSAD agents swarmed in tent camps that house Syrian refugees, There are also news that the camps where Syrian soldiers and police -who reportedly go to Syria for protests and come back- are staying a “beaten track” for the CIA and MOSSAD. On the other hand, it is known that these various groups referred as the “Syrian opposition” negotiate publicly with Turkish officials “out of the blue”, especially with Davutoğlu. It is also said that these refugees in tent camps don’t stop fighting with each other about ethnic and sectarian issues. It is obviously visible that they are bothered by Turkish management style in the camps.

Even though the Syrian regime is weakening; Turkey faced with an adverse situation rather than getting closer to its targets.

In short, “Turkey’s Syrian problem” is getting bigger. Though, this is not a result of Assad regime’s gaining strength but Turkey’s contribution to drag Syria into terror, weakening Assad’s authority. This is because the weakened regime has withdrawn its soldiers from some regions. For instance, the Assad regime seems to have abandoned 3-4 km cordon surrounding the Syrian-Turkey border to the “opponents” temporarily. Yet, this abandonment also unveiled the characteristics of the so-called opposition groups. Consequently it is now understood that these unclarified opposition groups are another pro-sharia groups in the same line with Al Qaeda or the Taleban. This means, Turkey is sharing borders with Al Qaeda. Their first accomplishment was plundering and burning Turkish tracks!

This is not the only problem. A balkanised Syria is a scenario being discussed. Besides, there are numerous comments indicating that, Western imperialists and Israel would not suffer but be pleased to see a divided Syria. Of course, these comments are not very objective. As a matter of fact, handing administration of six cities in north Syria to the Kurds, and Assad’s withdrawal to the West Syria, Damascus-Latakia cordon indicates this scenario could become a reality in the long term if not in short term.

However, it is pretty obvious that this is a nightmare scenario for Turkey. A divided Syria would drag important border towns of Turkey into a chaotic position, cities such as Hatay, Adana and Mersin, with nearly 2 million Nusayri Arab minorities. Thus, the most crucial condition for AKP government would be the emergence of Kurdistan in northern Syria.

Of course, the right of the Syrian Kurds to self-determination shouldn’t be a business of the Turkish government. However, AKP government have come to a pretty pass with Syria because of its known habit of “importing regime” to the neighbouring countries. It won’t be a surprise if AKP would have serious conflicts with Syrian Kurds because of its interference to the Kurdish government and we already see the signs of this. Shortly, today Turkey is confronting with three impasses: pro-sharia Al Qeada and Taleban in its borders, Arab-Nusayri reactions on Hatay-Mersin line, and finally, possible self-determination orientation of Syrian Kurds. This is the final situation of Turkish foreign policy that was conducted by Erdoğan –Davutoğlu, and finding a way out of this labyrinth won’t be so easy. Above all, given that Russian insistence on the region’s politics will maintain even after a possible overthrow of the Syrian regime, Turkish foreign policy has become completely open to any kind of crisis and provocation.

As emerging three grand issues have been indicating themselves even before a Syrian disintegration, Turkey’s unrealistic foreign policy will be more obvious along with the potential foreign interference in the region.

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