Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Svetlana Stalin, the last living child of Joseph Stalin, died

On November 22, the last living child of Joseph Stalin, Svetlana, died.

Joseph Stalin had three children: Yakov, Vasily and Svetlana.

Yakov was arrested by the Hitlerites in early July 1941 and executed on April 14, 1943 following the refusal of Joseph Stalin to exchange him with a German general.

As stated by cde Yannis Karastathis in his book “Against antistalinist – anticommunist hysteria” (Athens 1993) Stalin’s answer was explicit, concise and unusual for Germans and not only: “I won’t exchange a soldier for a Marshal. All the people (of the Soviet Union) are my children.”

Vasily was arrested by the Khrushchevits on April 28, 1953, was imprisoned for 8 years and exiled in Kazan where he eventually died on March 19, 1962.

As the historian V. Kadet (“Anasintaxi” issue 330, 15-30/9/2010) when Vasily Stalin was interrogated by the Khrushchevits, Vorosilof brought as an example Svetlana who was “living well and behave well” and asked Vasily:

“You will never meet her?”.

And he replied: “I do not know, we don’t meet each other.”

“Why? She loves you.”

“A daughter who recanted her father can not be my sister. I never renounced my own father and will not do. I’m not willing to have any relation with her.”

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