Sunday, April 21, 2013

Apropos of the situation in Venezuela

ICMLPO Statement in Support of the Struggle of the People of Venezuela Against Threats of New Imperialist Interference

In a hard-fought election, the workers and people of Venezuela democratically elected Nicolas Maduro as President of the Republic. U.S. imperialism and its European allies acted as the guardian of a candidate representing the oligarchy and their interests and they suffered a defeat at the polls. Now, referring to the small margin of victory, they are trying to violently ignore the popular will, creating unrest and perpetrating acts of provocation that threaten to unleash reactionary violence. We understand that the people of Venezuela are defending their social gains, their sovereignty and the right to choose their own path.

We, the parties making up the ICMLPO, stand in support of the working class, peasants, consistent intellectuals, revolutionaries, the people of Venezuela and our fraternal party, PCMLV, who are fighting to build a society of justice, on the basis of scientific socialism, and who in these times of great tension are courageously rejecting the threat of a new imperialist aggression.

Already in 2002 the conspiratorial action of the United States, Spain and other global and regional imperialists hatched a plot to put an end to the Chavez government, achieving a momentary triumph, which was defeated by the energetic action of the revolutionary people mobilized in the streets and by the position of patriotic sectors of the Armed Forces, who succeeded in neutralizing the bourgeois aggression.

We strongly support the self-determination of the peoples, the right to have the government that they want, without the intervention of the imperialist countries. We are clear that in the present stage of development of capitalism, the imperialist countries are fighting for a new redivision of the world and attack the dependent nations, especially those that have natural resources. We know that this can only be stopped by the popular organization, with the unity of the patriots and revolutionaries, with the consistent struggle that aim at the seizure of power by the working class.

From the ICMLPO we call upon the patriots, revolutionaries and internationalists to support the deepening of the Venezuelan revolutionary process, promoting an international campaign of solidarity with the people of Venezuela and rejecting threats of intervention that imperialism is organizing.

No to imperialist intervention; with the support of the world's revolutionaries Venezuela will not become another Libya or another Syria.


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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Anasintaxi 384 B (1-31/3/2013)


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Anasintaxi 384 (1-31/3/2013)


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Anasintaxi 383 B (1-28/2/2013)


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Anasintaxi 383 (1-28/2/2013)


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