Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anasintaxi issue 242 RELEASED


  • The fight of Academics-students against the reactionary reform of Karamanlis' government's escalates and strengthens
    Right answer: the repeated long-term Strikes and the Mass Long-term Occupations

  • The cooperation of New Democracy-LAOS in the local elections

  • Nikos Temponeras - 16 years from his brutal assassination

  • Long Live the Democratic Army (on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary)

  • XII Plenary of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

  • Statement of the International Conference of Marxists-Leninist Parties and Organizations to APPO
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Friday, February 09, 2007

Anasintaxi issue 241 RELEASED


- ARTICLE 16 - ACADEMIC ASYLUM in immediate danger
The reactionary Karamanlis' government intensifies its attack in the EDUCATION

ND-PASOK-"C"PG tremble the mass long-term OCCUPATIONS

- D. Glinos - Statement of the PB of the CC of KKE for his death (27/12/1943)

- Berthold Brecht - 50 years from the death of the genius dramatist and great revolutionary communist poet

- The revolutionary ideological direction of B. Brecht and the two urban-revisionist fables

- The Stalin prize and the LIES of the anticommunist fraction of the
Khrushchevian revisionists

- Reconstruction of the CP of Spain (marxist-leninist): Party in the service of the Spanish and the international proletariat

- Official notice of the EC of the CP of Spain (marxist-leninist) (November 06)
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Friday, February 02, 2007

First victory for free public education - We continue the fight

Bulletin of the pan-hellenic initiative for article 16

First victory for free public education
We continue the fight

What was considered impossible until a few days ago, finally happened. The revision of the constitution's article 16 cannot take place, without 180 votes in the parliament's assembly. The practical fall back of the leadership of PASOK (which the party of the opposition -"socialistic", and which actually still supports "private" universities) results from the strong pan-hellenic movement that disputes the market's dictatorship and defended public university with passion and sobriety. Against the alliance between the (right wing) government and the leadership of PASOK, against the libelography on behalf of a big part of the press, against the violence of the police, and the alliance of 1,000 people willing to support the government in its most difficult moment, not only did the movement remained upright, but also managed to unfold moch more beyond the academic community. More than 330 university faculties have been occupied, strikes of POSDEP, committees were organized all over Greece, sending the message that EDUCATION IS NOT A MERCHANDISE!

The pan-hellenic initiative for article 16 ( greets this first victory of the movement from the academic community and the people. But we should not rely on this. This is the beginning and the route is open!

Athens 02/02/07

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