Friday, February 09, 2007

Anasintaxi issue 241 RELEASED


- ARTICLE 16 - ACADEMIC ASYLUM in immediate danger
The reactionary Karamanlis' government intensifies its attack in the EDUCATION

ND-PASOK-"C"PG tremble the mass long-term OCCUPATIONS

- D. Glinos - Statement of the PB of the CC of KKE for his death (27/12/1943)

- Berthold Brecht - 50 years from the death of the genius dramatist and great revolutionary communist poet

- The revolutionary ideological direction of B. Brecht and the two urban-revisionist fables

- The Stalin prize and the LIES of the anticommunist fraction of the
Khrushchevian revisionists

- Reconstruction of the CP of Spain (marxist-leninist): Party in the service of the Spanish and the international proletariat

- Official notice of the EC of the CP of Spain (marxist-leninist) (November 06)

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