Thursday, December 29, 2011

Communist Party of the Workers of France: Death of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Benin

We learned of the death, on April 5, Comrade Fantodji Pascal, a founding member and first secretary of the Communist Party of Benin (PCB). Such a loss is a blow comrades in Benin. We insist on showing them our communist solidarity by sending them the message below:
Communist Party of Benin
The Central Committee
To all militants
Dear comrades,
We would like to express to all the militants of PCBs our sincere condolences for the sudden death of your former secretary, Comrade Pascal Fantodji.
We did not know he was sick, and the announcement of his death surprised us. We measure the demise of this mean for your party comrade and the communist and revolutionary movement of your country. We also drove our condolences to his family, leaders and activists of the International Institute for Research and Information (In.I.RE.F), of which he was president.
We joined the call for you to release all communists, revolutionaries and patriots of Benin in order to redouble efforts to achieve the purpose for which the revolutionary comrade Fantodji fought. The people of Benin and the PCB can count on our commitment to overthrow French imperialism, our common enemy.
With fraternal greetings,
Central Committee of the Communist Workers Party of France

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