Friday, December 30, 2011

EMEP: Turkish planes killed 36 civilians

36 civilians have been killed by the bombardment of Turkish F-16 warplanes in Ortasu (Roboski) of Uludere district of Şırnak last night.

Among 50 people whose ages range between 15 and 30, 36 have been confirmed dead so far. 15 others are reported missing.

Relatives of victims are trying to find the scattered parts of bodies in the area. The bodies are reported to be completely burnt and unrecognizable. Four bodies were brought to the Şırnak State Hospital, while peasants took many charred bodies to the Ortasu village atop tractors and mules. According to the villagers, the bodies were charred as their diesel drums exploded, while some were left under the rubble of a big rock under which they took shelter.
Fehmi Yaman, the mayor of Uludere said: “We have 30 corpses, all of them are burned. The state knew that these people were smuggling in the region."

The killing of 36 civilians in an air raid in the southeastern province of Şırnak is an "unfortunate operational accident,” ruling Justice and Development Party deputy chairman Hüseyin Celik said.

General President of the Labour Party (EMEP) Selma Gurkan called Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and General Staff to resign. She added: “This crime can not be legitimised by any reason or cause. The main responsible of this attack to the people are the government and the General Staff. Committers and soldiers must be on trial immediately and give the account of this brutality.”

Labour Party (EMEP)
International Relations Bureau

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