Saturday, December 31, 2011

PCMLE: An atrocious complicity

published in En March at the 5th of December 2011

International information realizes the resignation of Minister of Labor in Brazil, accused of corruption. With the resigning Carlos Lupi, seven ministers who have left their duties since Rousseff became president of that country in January. In Bolivia, a few weeks ago, three government officials of Evo Morales government resigned for the violent repression unleashed against the peasants that fight to oppose the construction of a road through a national park.

In our country it does not work that way. Here, the President of the Republic protects the corruptors and promotes the repression. When the case of illegal kickbacks and surcharges in the Ministry of Sports, in which is involved the former Minister Raul Carrion, President Correa had no qualms about defending and noted that against Carrion had been committed an injustice. While David Ortiz was in charge of the portfolio of Transport and Public Works was blamed for irregularities in awarding contracts for the construction of bridges and roads and collecting bribes for the same, however Ortiz went breezed out of these functions to take the national leadership of the DINSE. The most famous case is that of illegal contracts signed by Correas’brother, Fabricio Correa this case is covered by land that is launched from the highest levels because the president himself would be involved for them.

During the strike of teachers, two years ago, Professor Bosco Wisuma died as a result of the violent police repression, in May last year, Javier Garcia, Mejia school student was hit by a projectile launched by police and lost his left eye, the last September Edison Cosíos, student of the same high school, was seriously wounded in the head by the action of the forces of repression, situation that keeps him serious risk even in exile in a hospital. In none of these cases have been punished those responsible.

They are not the unique cases of corruption and repression that remain unpunished, there are many more, but are covered with a blinding government advertising campaign to believe that corruption in high places has virtually been defeated. Nothing is more false than this. The defense of human rights is its logo.

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