Friday, December 30, 2011

EMEP: AKP government has broken a record: 29 journalists were arrested in one day

There is no other example of such a thing, before neither in Turkey nor in the world: 29 journalists were arrested in one day. The number of the detained journalists has raised to 96...

49 journalists and media workers, most of which work for the Kurdish press, were arrested on 20th December in the context of nation-wide so-called KCK (Koma Civaken Kurdistan- Union of Communities in Kurdistan) operation.

There have been 36 detained people in total (29 journalists, 7 media workers) in one day by the decision of Istanbul specially authorized 9th high criminal court.

This is an obvious massive injustice against the journalists.

It is obvious that we confront the most massive injustice to journalists during the history of the Turkish Republic, if we exclude the period of 12th September coup just because we do not have any sufficient statistical information. Further more there is no other example of 29 journalists being arrested in just one day in the world.

The AKP government has broken a record.

Just now there are 96 journalists detained, including the 29 journalists being arrested on 24th December 2011. 17 of them are concessionaires and responsible editors. Thanks to AKP, Turkey is the leading country in terms of the amplitude of detained journalists. The AKP government has already converted Turkey into a big prison full of journalists. Turkey has already broken its own record on the numbers of detained journalist by the last detentions.

The main reasons for coming to this point are the Anti-Terror Law (TMY), which social opposition forces call Anti-Social Law, Courts-Martial, State Security Courts (DGM) and specially authorized high criminal courts, which are the favourites of AKP.

It is time to promote the solidarity with the detained journalists, revolutionary, socialist press, especially the Kurdish press. Freedom of press, freedom of thought and expression and the defenders of human rights are now facing another struggle.

Anti-Terror Law (TMY) must be annulled, specially authorized high criminal courts (OYM) must be abolished, the detained journalists must be released.

Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey
International Relations Bureau

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