Thursday, May 12, 2011

Announcement of the local commitee of the Association of Hospital Doctors Of Athens and Piraeus General Hospital of Nikaia

Athens, 11 May 2011

Local Committee of EINAP [Association of Hospital Doctors Of Athens and Piraeus] General Hospital of Nikaia

Today we witnessed the endless and unimaginable brutality by the Greek goverment of Memorandum [austerity measures] , in order to suppress any citizens' action, who are opposed against the measures which are planning by the foreign and local capital.

Dozens of injured protesters were hit by the riot police and transfered with ambulance or came alone in our hospital. Most of them had head injuries. Among them, there is a 30 – years old protestor with heavy, antemortem condition, anisocoria and huge epidural hematoma. At this time the protestor is in surgery by our collegues who are trying to save his life.

We condemn the police brutality and arbitrariness.

We condemn all the members of the Greek Government and the Prime Minister for the assassination attempt against the specific citizen who is in serious condition and his life is in danger, also against all other protestors.

The violence and repression against the people who resist have no future.

The government with the brazen tactics of popular's rights rape, which are necessary for the people's survival and also with the brutal violence which directly threaten people's lives, will increase our stubbornness and our decision to fight until the end in order people have bread, education and freedom. We are not going to stop until the guilty of murder attempt will be punished. We are not going to stop until our people win!

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