Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ICMLPO: All together against the G-8 Summit, Hail the international solidarity

All together against the G-8 Summit,
Hail the international solidarity

The leaders of the eight big powers meet in Heiligendamm, in Northern Germany, under very heavy police protection.
They intend to dictat their law and impose the interests of the imperialit powers to all the planet, against the workers, the toilers, the peasants and the peoples of the world.
They speak of reducing the pollution, but its them, the representatives of the monopoles that pollute.
They pretend to reduce powerty, but its them who organize the plundering of the richnesses of the dependant countries and that make their profit of the debt.
They speak of peace, but its them who militarise the planet, launch the wars for a new division of the markets and the spheres of influence, and agress the peoples and the countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan and, tomorrow, Iran.
The speak of democracy but put in place everywhere police-states which criminalise all kinds of protest against the neoliberal order.
With all the organisations who denounce this summit of the exploiters, the pluderers of wealth, the fosters of wars, we struggle for the immediate cancelling of the debt of the Third World countries.
We denounce and combat everywhere the neoliberal policies.
We claim for the development of the solidarity between workers and peoples all over the world and for reinforce the struggle againts imperialism and ist neoliberal policy.

Yes, another world is possible and all the most necessary
The alternative is socialism

International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organisations
May 2007


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