Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Life of the Labour Activist Mahmoud Salehi is in Danger!

Dear Comrades,

The criminal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is continuing its repression of the labour activists, women and the students. The Islamic Republic sees its survival in blood shedding, despotism, and imprisonment of its opponents. In the past few weeks, many freedom fighting students are arrested and imprisoned in the dark dungeons of the Islamic Republic. Extensive mental and physical torture is carried out in prisons of this medieval regime.

It is more than three months now that Mahmoud Salehi has been imprisoned because he had organized a May Day rally in the city of Saqez (Kurdistan Province) in 2004. Mahmoud is a well known labour activist who has defended the rights of the workers and the right to form independent labour organizations. He is a member of the Bakery Workers' Association of the city of Saqez. Mr. Salehi has been put under extremely harsh physical conditions.

According to the confirmed reports, he has been transferred to a hospital due to developing kidney problems. He is told that he will be returned to his prison cell in a few days. Mr. Salehi lost one kidney in previous years of imprisonment in the regime of the Islamic Republic. The life of this worker
activist is in danger.

In order to intimidate the labour activists and to create an atmosphere of fear, the authorities in Iran has decided to barbarically and physically eliminate several labour activists, students, and women. In doing this, the Islamic Republic hopes to set back the progressive and revolutionary movement of the Iranian masses.
The campaign to free Mahmoud Salehi has gained momentum. The progressive organizations in many countries are raising their voices against the Islamic Republic's treatments of the labour activists and are demanding the freedom of Mahmoud Salehi.

Our Party believes that repression of the workers and toilers by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran serves the interests of imperialism and the world reaction. We strongly condemn the repressive actions of the Iranian regime.

Our Party calls on all fraternal Parties and the Marxist-Leninist Organizations to express outrage over the imprisonment and treatment of the labour activist Mahmoud Salehi and to demand the regime of Islamic Republic to free all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally. Only the intensification of the just struggle of the Iranian labourers and of the genuine international support for masses can force the Islamic regime to retreat and to stop the repression of the Iranian people.

Long Live International Solidarity!

The Foreign Office of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
July 18, 2007

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