Thursday, February 14, 2008

All the working people united in the GSEE-ADEDY strike

The large and without precedent massive strike on the 12th of December 2007 was a decisive response from the working people to the anti-labor plans of the reactionary Karamanlis government concerning the Insurance System. This happened in spite of the desperate effort made by Karamanlis-Papariga to undermine the massiveness of the strike through the separate strikebreaking rally of the PAME reformists; a separate rally that was obviously at the service of the government's plans for Insurance System.

The government of the monarch-fascist party of “New Democracy” started the attack against the public character of the social insurance and the pension funds. The government plans include the extension of the retirement age limits, the slashing of the already low pensions and the further reductions of the contributions from the employers

Those grand panhellenic striking rallies resulted in the ousting of the V. Maginas, the Employment Minister at that time, and his replacement by a new minister, F.P. Petralia.

The new panhellenic strike, called by the reformist leaders of GSEE-ADEDY for the 13th of February, was a continuation of the previous one. The working people, united and en masse, took part in the new strike knowing that only in this way they can repel the anti-insurance plans of the Karamanlis government

The government facing serious problems, during this period, because of the scandals and being unable to deal with the fighting strike rests its hopes on A. Papariga and the PAME reformist leaders who, once again, rushed to support their ally, K. Karamanlis, by organizing yet another strikebreaking and divisive rally. The choice of Omonia Square this time, instead of National Resistance Square, as the place of the rally was made with the view to withhold a greater number of working people from the ones going to the central rally and to avoid the fiasco in which their similar attempt ended on the 12th of December.

Movement for the Reorganisation of KKE 1918-55
February 14, 2008

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