Tuesday, March 04, 2008

EMEP: Military-armed way is no solution. This reality should be accepted

Military-armed way is no solution. This reality should be accepted
Ending of cross-border operation lasting for eight days all of a sudden and returning was not welcomed by media and provocative circles yelling with desire of war. Media Pashas acclaiming blood and terror during the operation have been investigating if USA has insisted on this sudden comeback and Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) has reached its goals totally. And also they keep on not reflecting the voices of the ones who ask for peace and political solution.

Namely they prefer to talk about the details and absurdity of politics implemented over impossibility. The answer of Turkish Army Generals and Prime Minister to demands for peace and political solution is in the direction of parry. It is once more clear that the government has no plans or no proposition except what the soldiers say. On this issue Prime Minister, claiming that he represents the Kurdish and agrees with Generals, has already handed over the bonds named “authority” to Generals and the forces such as USA.

Now we, demanding democracy and freedom and the real owners and representatives of this country, should ask: What have military operation and military ways solved up to now? What has been gained via military operation aside from deaths, hopeless, enmity, serrility and frustration. Is what they introduce as success to bomb mountains and death of 24 soldiers, 3 guards and PKK members?

Will peace at home and peace in the world be built up through such a policy? Is it possible for peoples to live in peace under the guidance of USA, whose existence is a threat for humanity? Here there is nothing in favour of Turkey, peoples in the region, peace and fraternity. Oppression and ignoring the Kurdish’s existence up to now disclosed that the policy not recognising the existence of the Kurdish in our country based on the equal rights had already fallen down.

Government and military authorities should apologise to peoples in our country and in the region and to the families of the people who died because of them. They should act openly taking into account how to gain the confidence of the Kurdish who are in the demand of a peaceful life together. After all it is possible to draw a promising conclusion from all these badnesses. However to be able to achieve this it is necessary to settle an account with falsities in a brave way and to reinforce people with peace and hope messages, not with blood.

We say once again that firstly a foresight and a dialogue relying on the people is needed. The people of this country will certainly manage to live together in peace.



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