Monday, April 21, 2008

Francisco Caraballo set free!

The Comitee of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO), announces with emotion and revolutionary cheerfulness the conditional freedom of our dear and respected comrade Francisco Caraballo, last April 18.

Caraballo (71 years old), has spent fourteen years inside a high-security jail. All this time he kept dignity and revolutionary firmness, as a consequente communist. Never his spirit weakened, nor he gave up under misfortunes, despite the hard conditions that he suffered.

We considered as own those words of the Executive Comitee of the Communist Party if Colombia (marxist-leminist):

«...conditional freedom for comrade Caraballo is a victory due to internationalist solidarity, to the ICMLPO, to the left and the democratic forces Colombia and those all over the world.

(...)We must to keep the fight for complete freedom if comrade Caraballo, and get the hundreds of political and war prisoniers oit of the dungeons of Ávaro Uribe.»

We manifest our solidarity and fraternity to Francisco Caraballo, his wife and his sons, as well as to the Party and all democratic and popular forces of our brother people of Colombia.

Long live to proletarian internationalism!

April 20th 2008

Coordination Comitee of the ICMLPO

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