Wednesday, November 19, 2008

USA: The Obama election

November 2008

The clear-cut election victory of Obama signifies the imperialism’s obvious “choice” that aims to cushion the blow amidst the most severe crisis of capitalism since 1929. The all time record of participation, 75%, in the American elections was broken by all the Afro-Americans who were never registered in the electoral roll and went “persistently” to vote in opposition to the, always present, racist reflexes of the fascist American state apparatus.  
They indeed struggled for aspirations bound to be disappointed soon, since their “brother” is Microsoft’s and Citygroup’s man, the one destined to handle the crisis to the benefit of the system.
These are, however, the heart of the US proletariat, that came down to the streets, hoped and “celebrated” even for one night in the historic Chicago in the name of the tortured, the millions of dead. On the opposite side, the communists not only do not look down on them but they know they have huge responsibility. Because these people from Africa’s womb are not “Barcklay’s left”; they are the heart of the American proletariat. Even if their dreams prove false, that should not amount to the halt of their momentum but, on the contrary, to its joining with the consciousness that always comes from outside, with the revolutionary theory of the working class so that their current, initial, union will lead to the rebirth of their own party standing by their class brothers of every color, tongue or culture.

Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55

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