Friday, May 29, 2009

EMEP: We condemn the "fascistic pressure" towards the KESK

We strongly condemn the "fascistic pressure" towards the Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions (KESK) and its affiliated trade unions!

29th May 2009

The police operation against the Central Headquarters of KESK during the early hours on Thursday morning, the 28 May, has once again revealed the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government's true face. AKP is continuing to attack the workers and labourers and those forces talking about democracy and freedom with such accusations as separatism and terrorism.

These kinds of attacks that have intensified recently remind us of the "McCarthy period" that took place in the USA during the 1950's. Kurds and the democratic forces are the main target of the "witch hunt" that is being waged. It is at the same time thought provoking that these attacks should come after KESK and other trade unions, professional chambers, labour and democracy forces have undertaken initiatives in terms of a dialogue regarding the Kurdish question.

What, we wonder, will Prime Minister Tayyip Erdo?an, who has termed what has been done in the past towards the minorities as "fascistic pressures" and President Abdullah G�l, who has stated that; "good things will happen regarding the Kurdish question" say about these pressures towards the trade unions that are in essence labour organisations and towards the Kurdish people? Words such as "terror" and "dividing the country" and upon which they have been harping will not be sufficient to save the appearances in relation to this operation targeting KESK. Because this time it is not possible to cover up this farce with "pretty lies".

Following the political parties; central offices of confederations and trade unions are raided fearlessly and almost an environment of terror is being created.

Though they are trying to take refuge in the pretext of struggling against terror and separatists; what is taking place in reality is the onslaught towards the demands for democracy and trade union rights and freedoms.

Beginning with the labour organisations; those who have not put forward an adequate reaction in the face of similar attacks, should think deeply about what is taking place once again in connection with this event. It is crystal clear that these attacks will continue in a prevalent manner and that even the smallest demand for rights will be at the target when a stance is not taken.

We believe that all the labour, professional and democracy forces, beginning with Confederation of Workers' Trade Unions of Turkey (T�RK-?�) and Confederation of Revolutionary Workers' Trade Unions (D?SK), will demonstrate the necessary attitude against this attack. We strongly condemn these "fascistic pressures" directed at KESK and its affiliated trade unions. The trade unionists in police custody must be released immediately.

Levent TUZEL

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