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The announcement of elections in October didn’t come “out of the blue sky”. The most non-existent prime minister and his government, the most reactionary government since '74, were both long political collapsed, while bankrupting the country with their extreme neo-liberal policy, long before the outbreak of the global capitalist crisis of overproduction.
The notice of election was merely a formal ratification of this collapse. But the irresponsibility of the incompetent Prime Minister knows no boundaries, since he has to go for elections at the same time with the European elections in June instead of loading the country with quite a few million Euros extra weights.
The Government of the monarch-fascist Right, the government of poverty, hunger, poverty, the Government of the multiple "economic supervisions" by the imperialists of the EU, the Government of hitting the remaining labor rights, further de-industrialization, the sell-off of all public property, the murderous attack against the youth revolt, racist pogroms against immigrants, widespread fascist transformation of society, of cohabitation with the fascists of LAOS and the "re-establishment of the state" by appointing murderers and thugs in the forces of repression, the government of spying, surveillance, cameras everywhere, invasion in individual liberties, the government of the offensive against what is left of public education and the university asylum, the government which is the killer of the environment with the wildfires for the sake of the big capital, the government of the daily scandals involving executives and in synergy with mafia crime, finally collapsed.

The imperialist EU prepares for a new, more painful round of "economic supervision" and in cooperation with the IMF and the local bourgeoisie prepares a worse wave of anti-labor attacks with premeditated unemployment-mammoth, with continued dramatic further reduction in the purchasing power of workers and poor popular strata, with plans for unprecedented measures which they already have announced and even the abolition of the 13th salary, initially to the public services.
This attack cannot advance with an already "dead" government.
PASOK that is party of the great bourgeoisie and tried, obedient servant of the imperialists and of the local capitalism, PASOK, which is the party that supported the shame of EMU, the Olympics of shame, the great theft through the stock fraud, is preparing to take its position in government.
The revisionists, headed by the Khrushchevite traitors, the social-democrats of “K”KE, living away from the pain, the suffering and the anxieties of the working class have been transformed to a typical bourgeoisie electoral mechanism.
The revisionists try to prevent any uprising of the people, claim that the crisis "will pass quickly” and constantly act as a sedative on the working class. They are pleased that the other revisionists die sooner. They observe the dissolution of SYRIZA, which has the same general directions with them, and they do not care about anything that could consist a defensive struggle of the working class to defend its interests. But they are well known: they are social-democratic leaders who denounced the youth uprising in December and supported the police. They are the same people who denounced the heroic uprising of November '73 against the fascist dictatorship, who constantly act against the popular masses rage. They have been, all these years, the permanent lackeys of the reactionary Karamanlis government.
The Marxists-Leninists-Stalinists do not have as a principle to abstain from the participation in bourgeoisie parliamentary procedures although these procedures are considered of secondary importance for the revolutionary class struggle of the proletariat. That would be obviously a childish leftist mistake.
The revolutionary communists are involved in the political activity which is more extensive during any pre-election period. They highlight the policy and priorities for the working class and the revolutionary communist movement. They don’t participate in the elections, when they don’t have the subjective capability to do it. They don’t pretend to be the Party if they are not. The Greek revolutionary communists consider that it would be wrong in this phase (as it did not previously) to participate in the elections as one more separate group. This is not so much because of subjective weakness but first and foremost because of the lack of unity of the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist forces and the continued split with the participation of various groups in the parliamentary elections as separate political formations. This unity is completely necessary condition for a considerable concentration of forces in anti-fascist and anti-imperialist direction in order to fight against fascist transformation of society, nationalism-chauvinism and racism-military adventurism in the capitalist and imperialist EU and all the imperialist powers in general, with the U.S. first.
The individual participation in the parliamentary elections not only offers nothing, because no one gathers measurable political power, but also is extremely damaging because it keeps and perpetuates the split of the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist forces.
The revolutionary communists, however, have to struggle according to the priorities of the class struggle and to call for a united struggle:

For the massive disapproval at the elections of any political power that serves or does not respond militantly and effectively to the exploitative capitalist system.

For the militant response through mass struggles which will have as cutting edge the first degree unions and their strengthening, in alliance with the poor peasants, our immigrant brothers, our militant youth, against poverty and misery, hunger, unemployment, fascist transformation of society, fascist pogroms, attack on labour rights, further selling off of public property, assault on public education and university asylum, environmental destruction, engaging in war adventurism.

- For the unity of all true communists, young and old comrades
- For the reorganisation of the revolutionary party of the working class
- For the reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-1955.

Athens, September 2009

Movement for Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55
P.O. Box 3689, 10210 Athens

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