Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cowardly police attack on Comrade Hamma Hammami

Draft. Translation from a text found in
September 29

Exposure Comrade Hamma Hammami, the spokesman for the Tunisian Communist Workers Party, upon his return from the French capital this afternoon to a barbaric attack by the political police agents of the Tunis-Carthage Airport. The beat immediately after passing a large number of Customs agents in civilian clothes were beaten and kicked over the whole body and uttered to all kinds of insults and verbal abuse, causing him bruises and several broken glasses and tearing his clothes. It was the attack on Comrade Hamma Hammami bunk, where dozens of agents deliberately police who were mobilized to evacuate the lobby of the airport and prevent many people from going to him so that they can commit their crime dirty free from sight.  (...) In fact, Comrade Hamma Hammami pay the price for his bold channels on "the island direct" and "France 24" and called for a boycott of the electoral farce Ben Ali regime is preparing to organize, to struggle for a democratic alternative for the benefit of a real grass-roots groups and ordinary people in our country.
The escalation of terrorism by the authorities against dissidents and human rights activists and Aljmaoyen in the recent period is aimed at silencing every voice free dared to expose the fictitious nature of the next election a farce and assumes his duties in the face of the individual and the ruling party continues to dominate political life in our country.
The Workers Communist Party of Tunisia (PCOT), the Tunisian people, as is promising to continue the struggle whatever the price dearly, he calls him back to the farce County October 25 as a step towards getting rid of dictatorship, as called for all opposition parties and civil society components to further unite in the face of terrorism.

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