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Police force against IMF protestors

Tuesday, 13 October

Thousands of people wanted to participate in a demonstration against IMF and World Bank starting on Taksim Square in Istanbul yesterday. But, the police intervened with tear gas, tinted water and water cannons. Clashes occurred in a number of neighbouring districts.
The police intervened with tear gas and the use of water cannons in the demonstration against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) in Istanbul's central district of Taksim.
The annual meeting of IMF and World Bank started yesterday morning (6 October) in the Istanbul district of Harbiye within walking distance to Taksim Square. Our party (EMEP), other leftist parties, trade unions, professional chambers and various organisations met in Taksim to walk to the meeting's place in Harbiye as a demonstration against IMF and World Bank.
Contemporary Lawyers Associations (ÇHD) told that according to information form different police stations a total of about 200 people were arrested.
The police went in hard against a crowd of about 2,000 people. In the neighbouring districts of Pangalt?, ?stiklal Caddesi, Çukurcuma and Cihangir close to Taksim people are still in custody. The Taksim First Aid and the German Hospital were also affected by the tear gas. One person in the crowed died of a heart attack. Further clashes occurred in the districts of Ni?anta?? and Dolmabahçe (by the Bosporus).
Police intervened as soon as the demonstration started
Before the walk started, the participants shouted slogans such as "Imperialists and collaborators, don't forget the 6th fleet", "The day will come, the fate will return, murders will give their account to the people", "This country, this people are not for sale" and "IMF get out".
The walk started at 11.40 am. The police intervened 5 times with tear gas on Taksim Square. People escaped to neighbouring districts. Also for chasing the protestors the police used tinted water and made use of their firearms. Furthermore, warning shots were fired into the air.
Protest against police intervention
Labour Party (EMEP), Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), Freedom and Solidarity Party (ODP) organized a protest today at 18.30 pm at Taksim square against the police interference at the demonstration.

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