Friday, March 05, 2010

Journalists Hold 24-Hour Strike

The Executive Board of the Athens Journalists Union (ESHEA) lashed out at the measures announced by the Greek government, calling for their abolishment as they blatantly affect crucial labour rights.
Therefore, ESHEA called a 24-hour strike on Friday protesting wages cuts. Ertonline will not be updated, as its journalists will join the strike called.

ERT news online will be disrupted from 06:00 on Wednesday, February, 24 till 06:00 Thursday, February, 25 after ERT and POSPERT trade unions decision to take part in GSEE strike action requesting protection of employees labour, financial and social security rights and the signing of Collective Agreement.

ESHEA (Union of Daily Newspaper Journalists) and all employees in Mass Media, apart from reporters covering the demonstrations, take part in the strike action.

Also participating in the strike are employees in the administration sector of Mass Media (EPHEA), magazine journalists (ESPHT), television and radio technicians (ETITA and ETER). In Athens, Mass Media trade unions participate in demonstration at 10:30 organized by GSEE & ADEDY.

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