Saturday, August 27, 2011

Greeting of the ICMLPO to the Congress of the PCOT, presented by Comrade Raul Marco

Dear comrades of the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia; dear comrades of the Marxist-Leninist parties, the revolutionary parties, the democratic and anti-imperialist parties and organizations present here:
Through you, comrades of the PCOT, we salute the working class, the youth, the peasantry and the Tunisian people in general, who have risen up to expel the tyrant and his clique, pushing forward the revolution in your country, the Maghreb and the Next East.

We thank for allowing us to take part in the tribune of your Second Congress, the first one of the revolutionary era; if you can celebrate this event openly, it is because you have managed to impose your presence in the struggle, through the constant activity of your militants for years: from the years of the most bloodthirsty dictatorship to the months of the fight for its overthrow.
As you write on your banners, on your posters, in your newspaper, in pamphlets, it is necessary to complete this revolution, to obtain the many political and social demands of your people. Yes, one must push forward this revolutionary process to the end, which fully confirms the historical truth: it is the peoples who make history go forward. The peoples never accept submitting to the dictatorship; they resist and, when conditions are right, they rise up and are prepared to make all the sacrifices necessary to free themselves from abuse, domination and exploitation.
The revolutionary process in your country has fueled and inspired the peoples of the region to revolt, to free themselves from the ferocious dictatorships that maintain them under the control of imperialism. Not all the revolts and the movements of what has been called “the spring of the Arab peoples” have had the same force nor have they achieved the same results, but one thing is certain: the domination of imperialism in this region has been shaken; all over the dictatorships are trembling and fear that new movements will arise shouting “dégage” (“Get Out!”).
Imperialism was surprised by the process that arose in Tunisia, from where it spread. Even the governments of the imperialist countries that were the most committed to support the Ben Ali clan were surprised. French imperialism, which was among the first imperialist powers to sink its claws into Tunisia, and very many of whose politicians in charge had very close relations with the clan in power, were not at all prepared, and did everything possible to try to save the Ben Ali regime. That is something the Tunisian people will never forget!
Imperialism was surprised; however it was not prepared to let go of its prey, to give up the raw materials, the oil, the water, which abound in the countries of the Maghreb and the Next East. It wants to preserve control of this strategic region, to maintain and reinforce its military presence, especially to protect its ally, the Zionist State of Israel. An ally that, once again, is showing its ultra-reactionary policy, its policy of repression against the Palestinian people, of the denial of their national rights, even imposing a dirty blockade on the Palestinian people of Gaza. And this time it has been the countries of the EU, especially the Greek government, that is playing the role of assistant in the policy of repression against the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla”
The military intervention of the imperialist coalition against Libya is part of the policy of maintaining its control over the region. Making use of the aspirations of the Libyan people, who would like to get rid of an oppressing regime, imperialism has launched a war that is destroying the country, in order to impose a regime that is totally faithful to it and that allows it to take control of the wealth of this neighboring country of Tunisia.
Dear comrades and friends:
We have said that the wind of the revolution is blowing in the Arab countries: today, the peoples of this region have taken their place in the movement of the struggle against imperialism, for national and social liberation, which is rousing the Latin American continent to rebellion, which is awakening the peoples of Africa, which is making rise up the working class, the popular masses and the youth of the countries of Europe who refuse to pay for the crisis of the imperialist system.
To conclude, we would like to salute once again the PCOT, its leadership and all its members, represented here by you, delegates in this congress.
Your party is a tenacious, brave party, a very brave one; it is a party that has always shown proof of its political clarity and ideological firmness, even at the harshest moments of the dictatorship and of the repression.
The comrades of the PCOT long ago told us that the storm is brewing, that sooner or later there would be a social explosion, and that they were preparing for it.
As Marxist Leninists, your party has always remained faithful to your people; it has always fought, even under the most difficult conditions, to defend the interests of the workers, to defend democratic rights; it has always worked for the unity of the political and social forces, to fight the Ben Ali regime, to present an alternative to the working class, the youth and the popular masses.
In this fight, your leadership has been tempered, acquiring a rich experience that is useful to all our Marxist-Leninist parties, who know that, without the clear and decisive leadership of the communist party, a revolutionary process will not come to a good end.
Comrades, in name of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations, in name of the Marxist-Leninist parties that are present here, we say to you:
We are sure that this congress will make the correct decisions to advance the revolutionary process in your country, to advance your party, to root it in the masses.
You may be sure, comrades, that we are at your side in this fight.
Long live the Congress of the PCOT!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
(Tunisia, July 23, 2011)
Statement signed by those present:
PCOF of France, TDKP of Turkey, APK of Denmark, Communist Platform of Italy, PCE (M-L) of Spain, revolutionary Communist Party of Volta (Burkina Faso), Party of Labor of Iran (Toufan), PCMLE of Ecuador, Democratic Way of Morocco, Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of the Workers of Germany.

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