Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anasintaxi, issue 351-352 (1-31/8/2011)


-New EU decisions of neocolonial character against our country

-Fascist massacre in Norway

- Norway: action against fascist organisations by Communist Platform (m-l)

- Nikos Zachariades in poetry and songs

- The “brutal” politics of EU leads million of women in deadend, in and ouside the Union

- Correspondence from the Meeting of the Women of the Base in Venezuela

- World Meeting of the Women of the Base in Caracas (4-8 March 2011)

- 1st legal congress of PCOT

- Greetings to the first legal Congress of PCOT from the Political Committee of the Movement for the Reorganization of KKE 1918-1955

- Greeting of the ICMLPO to the Congress of the PCOT, presented by Comrade Raul Marco

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