Thursday, November 10, 2011

J.V. Stalin: Collected Works in Greek (DVD)

The "Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55" scanned the 13 volumes of J.V. Stalin's Collected Works as they were released in 1953 by the Central Committee of the KKE in Greek.

We scanned nine (9) more works that are directly related to the life and the work of J.V. Stalin and the restoration of Socialism.

More specifically we scanned:

 1. J.V. Stalin: Collected Works (13 volumes, 6390 pages)
 2. J.V. Stalin: Concerning questions on Leninism (1950, 415 pages)
 3. On the Stalin problem - The Albanian position (1975, 87 pages)
 4. The importance of the work of c. Stalin in linguists (Collected articles, 1952;, 92 pages)
 5. Centenary of the birth of J.V. Stalin (CC of PLA, 1979, 119 pages)
 6.  Stalin on art and culture (1946, 54 pages)
 7.  Short biography of Stalin (1949, 250 pages)
 8.  J.V. Stalin: the Great Patriotic War(1946, 151 pages)
 9.  J.V. Stalin: Speech to my voters (1946. 27 pages)
10. Lenin and Stalin on youth (1952, 47 pages)

The total number of pages that were scanned is 8.124. The total capacity is 1 dvd (4,3 GB).

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