Friday, December 21, 2012

November 14th: All into the streets against austerity - for international solidarity

On November 14th general strikes have been called in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Malta against austerity policies, for jobs and solidarity. At the same time important mobilizations are prepared in the other countries of the European Union. On this day the longing of the workers for a coordinated and unified international response to these policies will be expressed.

The heads of the EU governments have imposed a whole series of neoliberal measures, such as the new Financial Treaty, that place the burdens of the crisis on the shoulders of the workers, of the European peoples. Facing a new recession they now demand lower wages, longer working hours, more flexibility, reduction of pensions and social benefits, tax increases, new privatizations, cancellation of labor contracts and further elimination of the labor, social and political rights of the workers.  All this leads to massive redundancies, while the financial oligarchy reaps maximum profits.

This day is an important opportunity unite the different struggles and develop the international solidarity of the workers and the peoples who are hurt by the same policies that only serve the interests of the capitalist monopolies.

On November 14th we take to the streets to resist these attacks, to defend our interests through struggle and unity. We call on the workers, the unemployed, the youth, migrants, women of the popular strata to participate and be an active part of the general strikes and mobilizations on November 14th to construct the unity of the working class and the popular unity of all those who are the victims of these policies.

Let us unite in a huge front of struggle against the capitalist offensive, political reaction and the threat of imperialist wars, and against the plundering of the natural resources. We fight for a revolutionary rupture with neo liberalism and social liberalism, with the system that engenders the crisis.

We express our condemnation of the governments and institutions of monopoly capital and affirm the right of the peoples to leave the European Union of the monopolies, of reaction and war, as well as Nato, the armed branch of imperialism.

From all the countries where the communists are struggling we express our combative solidarity with the workers and peoples in Europe, with the revolutionaries and workers who bravely fight capitalism and imperialism.

November 14th is a first step towards something new and better.

Long live the struggle of the working class and the international solidarity of the workers and the peoples!

Organisation pour la construction d’un parti communiste ouvrier d’Allemagne

Parti Communiste des Ouvriers du Danemark – APK

Parti Communiste d’Espagne (marxiste – léniniste) – PCE(ml)

Plateforme Communiste d’Italie

Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France – PCOF

Organisation Marxiste Léniniste Révolution de Norvège – Revolusjon !

Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de Turquie - TDKP

Parti des Travailleurs de Tunisie - PT

Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de Côte d’Ivoire – PCRCI

Parti Communiste du Bénin – PCB

Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire Voltaïque – PCRV

La Voie Démocratique du Maroc

Parti Communiste du Travail de République Dominicaine – PCT

Partis Communiste du Mexique Marxiste Léniniste – PCMML

Parti Communiste Marxiste Léniniste du Venezuela – PCMLV

Parti Communiste Marxiste Léniniste d’Equateur – PCMLE

Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire du Brésil – PCR

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