Saturday, November 04, 2006

Anasintaxi issue 235 RELEASED

  • Extreme and very hazardous development: Government plans prohibition of the demonstrations and abrogation-prohibition of the worker's organizations in "Public Services"

  • Avgustos Bagionas (1931-2005): A farewell to a revolutionary Marxist philosopher

  • The great teacher's strike continues for the 5th week

    • Leaders of PAME: From opposing the 5-days strikes to the repeating separate demonstrations upon benefit of the government

  • The "brave kids" of the Khrushchev-Breznief-Gorbatchev faction go the mountain of Grammos to collect votes

  • Testimonies of Ah. Papaioannou kai V. Karagiannis for the two great defeats of H. Florakis in the DA
    • Testimony of Ahilleas Papaioannou, brigadier of the DA
    • Testimony of Vasilis Karagiannis, major of the DA

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