Thursday, November 02, 2006

Communique of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations against the criminalization of communism

* This article translated in Greek is available on issue 221 of Anasintaxi.

From the 25th of January 2006, the parliamentary assembly of the European Council is discussing in plenum a project of resolution called “ the necessity of an international condemnation of the crimes of the totalitarian communist regimes”.

This project elaborated by an ultra reactionary group of the European Parliament is a new attempt to criminalize communism. It is not the first one : in May 2005, the European commissar Fantini had tried to forbid the “communist symbols”. Today, this text is an open attack against the history of communism, the essential contribution of the communist parties, the contribution of the peoples of the USSR in the struggle and the victory over nazi-fascism. But this text goes another long step forward, pretending to forbid to the workers to refer themselves to the ideal of communism, trying to prohibit parties and organizations which refer themselves to this ideal. It dreams of getting rid off the “concept of class struggle”, which means to criminalize the workers and trade union movements. And as it proclaims it openly, it is addressing first the youth.

This new ideological offensive is part of the attacks of all hues, in all the European countries and even all around the world, launched by capitalism, the big monopolies, the imperialist powers against the social, political, democratic conquests of the workers and the people, especially those that the imperialist system had been obliged to concede after the victory over nazi-fascism.

This offensive takes place at a moment when imperialism is denounced all over the world, as a system responsible for famines, misery and wars, at a moment when the working class, the workers of cities and countryside, the youth, the people, are looking for an alternative that brakes with this system. The bourgeoisie fears that they turn their eyes towards socialism, towards parties and organisations that defend it.

We, Communist Marxist Leninist parties and organizations, members of the International conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations, are vigorously denouncing this reactionary project of resolution, full of revenge. We call the workers, the sane people, the democratic, progressive organisations to condemn firmly and loudly this new attack.

January 2006

Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil (PCR)
Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) (PC-AP)
Communist Party of Colombia Marxist-Leninist (PCdeC-ML)
Workers' Communist Party of Denmark (APK)
Communist Party of Labor, Dominican Republic (PCT)
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE)
Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF)
Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece
Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Ivory Coast (RCPIC)
Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist) (PCM (m-l))
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution of Norway
National Committee of Communist Organizations of Spain (CEOC) -
composed of the Communist Organization of Catalonia,
Communist Organization October,
September 27 Communist Collective – Castile and Leon –
and Communist Organization of the Valencia Country)
Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta (PCRV)

This resolution is supported by

Euskal Herriko Komunistak (EHK) – Basque Communist Movement
Boltxe Kolektiboa (Euskal Herria) - Basque Country
Communist Party of Benin (PCB)
Arbeit – Zukunft (Organisation for the construction of a communist workers' party in Germany)
Magazine Revolutionary Democracy (India)
Magazine Teoria y Practica (Italy)
Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz – (Workers Front of Pakistan)
Refundación Comunista Puerto Rico
"Regülta" (Cantabria)
Action du Tchad pour l'Unité et le Socialisme (ACTUS, Tchad)

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