Saturday, March 10, 2007

Norwegian communists will reorganize

Our Movement today recieved the following message from the Marxist-Leninist group Revolution of Norway:

Today, on 10 March 2007, the old Maoist party of Norway (AKP) will dissolve itself and merge into a new "broad" party of left Social Democratic character.

Some comrades from the communist opposition within the AKP and from the party's student's league, NKS, together with comrades from Revolusjon, have initiated "Communist Platform". Our ambition is to start a process of struggle and unification, as necessary steps on the road towards re-establishing a Marxist-Leninist Communist Party in our country.

The "Communist Platform" has its own web page

Follow this link to read the translated version of the declaration from the "Communist Platform"

As you will see, Revolusjon is active part of and fully supports this initative.

Marxist-Leninist group Revolution of Norway

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