Friday, March 23, 2007

Tunisia: Attacks against Hamma Hammami and Radhia Nasraoui

Official statement of the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT)

Tunisia: Attacks against Hamma Hammami and Radhia Nasraoui

The Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia denounces the fact that its spokesperson Hamma Hammami and his wife, the lawyer and member of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, Radhia Nasraoui, have been subjected to harsh surveillance and to being followed by the political police. And not only Radhia, but her office is subjected to surveillance 24 hours a day by detachments of the political police. The lawyer is followed everywhere and, just as Hamma, is subjected to all kinds of intimidation.

Last March 13, Hamma Hammami was attacked in the middle of Tunis, at 6:15 PM by a group of high police officers who struck her brutally. This took place near the office of other lawyers, to whom Hamma went to denounce the persecution of which he was the victim. The police surrounded the office of that lawyer, Mokhtar Trifi, to prevent anyone from entering. The physical attack on Hamma stopped when a large group came to his defense and prevented the police from continuing to mistreat him.

In the "democratic" Tunisia of President Ali, the friend of Chirac, Aznar, Bush, etc., the political police play a sinister role. One should recall that both Hamma Hammami and his companion Radhia have been imprisoned on various occasions and attacked physically.

Forward with our total solidarity with Hamma and Radhia, as well as our most energetic protest against the tyrannical regime of the Ali Government.

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