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It is absolutely correct and acceptable to use the term “Stalinism”

It is absolutely correct and acceptable to use the term “Stalinism”

The “Movement for the Reorganisation of KKE 1918-1955”, continuing the ideological and political traditions of the international communist movement in the time of Comintern-Comniform and the revolutionary KKE 1918-1955; in contrast to the Khruschevian revisionism and all the opportunist organisations that invoke Stalin in order to deceive the communists, but at the same time attack him; considers the term “Stalinism” absolutely correct and adopts its use.

We believe that the use of the term “Stalinism” as a scientific concept is both correct and necessary because:

1. It signifies the further development of Marxism-Leninism in the era of socialist construction in the Soviet Union as well as in the countries of the socialist camp after the Second World War. “Stalinism theoretically showed the path to socialism and practically realised it” (N. Zachariadis, 1939).

2. Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism constitutes the indivisible unity of the revolutionary outlook of the proletariat and its party.

3. Stalinism is nothing more than the Marxism-Leninism of our era.

4. The international communist movement, including revolutionary KKE 1918-1955, were using the term “Stalinism”.

5. The elimination of socialism and the liquidation of the international communist movement by the Khruschevian revisionists were committed in the name of “Marxism-Leninism” and the struggle against Stalin and Stalinism.

6. From the middle of 1950’s right up until nowadays, all the attacks of the bourgeois, fascist, Trotskyite, old and new, revisionist reaction (social democratic, Titoist, Khruschevian, etc.) have been always focused on Stalin and his work, Stalinism.

7. Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism most clearly determines the revolutionary ideological and political orientation of the communist movement.

8. The use of the term Stalinism distances the revolutionary communist movement not only from the Trotskyites and the Khruschevian revisionists but also from the various opportunistic organisations which although typically invoke the name of Stalin, at the same time, directly or indirectly, attack him from rightist premises in the name of a speculative “criticism on Stalin’s mistakes”.

This new variant of contemporary revisionism hidden behind the “criticism on Stalin’s mistakes” has three basic, albeit untold, goals:

1. To drag the revolutionary communist movement to an anti-Stalinist course.

2. To keep it fragmented.

3. As far as Greece is concerned, to prevent the reorganisation of the KKE 1916-1955, a task that can be fulfilled only through the uncompromising and consistent defence of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism, proletarian internationalism and the work of the unyielding communist leader Nikos Zachariadis who was the first in the international communist movement to discern and stand up against Khruschevian revisionism before the 20th Congress (as early as 1955) by organising and directing the struggle of the Greek communists against it.

The work of Stalin and Stalinism, the Marxism-Leninism of our era, is an invaluable weapon for the communists in their struggle against Khruschevian revisionism and the various opportunist liquidators and for the proletariat in its struggle against capitalism-imperialism.

Finally, we conclude with the response given to the social-democrats by the great communist leader and secretary of Comintern, Georgi Dimitrov: “The social-democrat lackeys often call us “stalinists” and they think that in this way they insult the communists. But we are proud of this honorary appellation as we are proud of the appellation “leninists”. There is no greater honor for a revolutionary than being a true leninist, a true stalinist, a devoted disciple of Lenin and Stalin until the end. And there is no greater happiness for the communists than fighting under the guidance of Stalin for the triumph of the international proletariat's just cause. Not everybody can be a stalinist. The honorary appellation “leninist-stalinist” has to be won through bolshevik struggle, persistence and unlimited devotion to the cause of the working class” (G. Dimitrov “Stalin and the international proletariat”, 1939).

Movement for the Reorganisation of KKE 1918-1955

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