Thursday, October 18, 2007

EMEP: Cross-Border Operation into Iraq is not a Solution; it will Only Antagonise Peoples

18th October 2007

Unfortunately, the dominant powers in Turkey don’t want to evaluate the representatives of Kurds in parliament as a chance for peace. In this context, Parliament voted the motion (507-19) in favour of empowering the government to order the military to cross into Iraq over a one-year period.

Before the voting in Parliament PM Erdogan called all people to support the operation and everyone who rejects the operation were accused of supporting the “terrorism”.

It’s clear that “military solution” which is dominated by military forces for “suppressing the rebellion” couldn’t be a real solution for Kurdish problem; on the contrary, a new operation into North Iraq will only antagonise the peoples of same region.

As voting a motion for cross-border operation, dominant forces want to continue their policies based on deny and violence against Kurdish problem and on the other hand, they want to put pressure on peoples who live in Turkey.

Also, the thought as ‘the cross-border operation into Iraq will be a reply to the USA’ –because of the vote about Armenian genocide- is a big illusion. We know that the “defy shows” against the USA are not real anti-imperialist attitudes. For a real anti-imperialism, Turkey must leave from NATO; all military bases of USA in Turkey must be closed and military agreements with USA and Israel must be cancelled.

Approving the military operation means “approving the war”. Our country and our peoples – both Kurds and Turks- will suffer from the results of this war.

Dominant powers mustn’t be allowed to sacrifice the brotherhood of Kurds and Turks to their political aims. Military methods, war and violence must be removed from alternatives of Kurdish question; discussion period must be started for democratic solution of question and democratic steps must be taken immediately.

Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP)

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