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90th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution

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Declaration of the International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organisations

"We want to transform the world. We want to put an end to world imperialist world war, in which hundreds of millions of people are involved [...] and it will not be possible to an end to this war though a true democratic peace without the most significant of all the revolutions of mankind, namely the proletarian revolution." (V. I. Lenin, April 1917).

The Great Revolution of October has risen up the enthusiasm and the hope of the proletarians and the people all over the world and at the same time, it has provoked the tremendous hate of the capitalist classes, of the reaction, against the Bolshevik Party and its leaders. It was a revolution never seen before in mankind’s' history, a revolution "which has deeply shaken the world".
In Russia, the revolution gave birth not only to a State and to a government of new type: it created a true civilization, a superior way of life (the socialisation and collectivisation), an organisation based in equality and freedom for the people and which provoked a swarming of cultural and scientific life which astonished the whole world.

The USSR has been, for tens of years, a decisive factor in human history: it managed to consolidate an iron unity among the people which has permitted to overcome with success the severe trails it has been confronted, namely, the civil war, the imperialist intervention, the collectivisation and industrialisation, the war of extermination and the invasion of the Nazis, stimulated by the western so called democratic states, the astonishing reconstruction after the war, etc.

Among the multiple lessons and experiences that we can draw from the Revolution of October, from the action of the first socialist State in history, we want to underline the practise of proletarian international solidarity, synthesized in the famous and accurate slogan of the Communist Manifesto "proletarians of all countries, unite!»

It's an active proletarian solidarity, which does not limit itself to words, as do the social democrats and others. The soviet power has put it in practice, in a clear and radical way, transforming the empire of tzar in a Union of Republics, based on the voluntary adhesion of the people and their numerous nationalities.
In return, the USSR could rely on the international solidarity in its struggle against the imperialist coalition, allied with Kerensky, who in the first months of the revolution, hoped to asphyxiate it and who launched a cruel civil ar. The sailors of the Black Sea, under the leadership of the Communist Marty, have refused to attack the USSR: they are an example of solidarity, which, linked to the adjective proletarian must be the norm in the relationships between brother parties, based on equality, taking in account their unequal political and organisational development.

International solidarity does not express itself only in specific manifestatio
ns, more or less of great significance, as, for example, the International Brigades which fought against Nazi-fascism in Spain: it also takes organisational forms. It’s the way Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin and all the great revolutionaries have conceived it. From the Great October Revolution, Lenin and the Bolsheviks have organized the IIIth International which has fixed as task, among others, the founding of Bolshevik parties; we call them today Marxist Leninist, in all the countries. It’s a task for today too. The International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organisations (ICMLPO) is an expression of this necessity, without been yet a new International. Proletarian solidarity which has been vigorously defended by Lenin, Stalin, Dimitrov, etc. is the international solidarity between the proletarians of the whole world: as the Bolsheviks did, it must be one of the principles and one of the components of the true Marxist Leninist parties.

In the same way, following the example of the great leaders of the construction of socialism in USSR, we affirm that the revolutionary violence is indispensable to overthrow bourgeoisie and the other capitalist forces which are acting against the proletariat and the people of the world. The revolutionary violence, at a certain stage of the class struggle, is completely part of it. Revolutionary violence, whose highest expression is proletarian dictatorship, "the organisation of the vanguard of the oppressed in dominating class, in order to suppress the oppressors" is one of the most attacked principles, slandered by social-democrats, revisionists and opportunists of all hues. Khrushchev, in the infamous XXth congress, has launched a series of attacks and slanders against Stalin, against the revolutionary violence and the proletarian dictatorship. Stalin, the great follower of Lenin, developed an implacable struggle in order to apply this principle, a struggle which remains engraved in the spirit of all the Communists. We defend the work of Stalin and say, as Lenin said:

"Only can be considered as Marxist, those who go to the end in the recognition of class struggle, who recognize the necessity of proletarian dictatorship. In this relays the most fundamental difference between a Marxist and a petit (or great) vulgar bourgeois."

It’s amid the great achievements of the soviet power, amid the difficulties and the problems that the betrayal of Khrushchev and his followers, has emerged. It undermined the roots of the socialist State and provoked the enthusiasm of the bourgeoisie and the reaction all over the world. It must be stressed that the modern revisionists, under different forms and covers, belong to the same opportunist and anti Marxist Leninist bloc. The reaction has announced the end of the communist ideas, the end of the decisive role of the proletariat and the working class, and, finally, the uselessness of the communist parties.

We, as parties and organisations belonging to the ICMLPO, we affirm strongly that the communist party is the indispensable motor which brings the consciousness, which organises and leads the proletariat, the main force in its revolutionary struggle, in alliance with the poor peasantry, where it still exists, and with the popular strata. The development of imperialism, the great steps made by technology, the discoveries of all types, have not liquidated the class struggle and they cannot do it. All the successes of the epic of October, under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin, remain completely actual: class struggle remains the motor of History and the communist party gives the main impulse that, as Marx said:
"Men can liberate themselves only through their own action and not because of the caprice of a Maecenas or because of the mere will of a brigt dictator"

The thesis on the weak link, in other words, the point where the fundamental contradictions are at the highest stage, especially the contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie, remains totally actual. We must take it in account, for the tactical international struggle of the communists. Nevertheless, the imperialist chain will break in one or several weak links, and will end with the destruction of capitalism and the instauration of socialism, only if the struggle is directed by a true communist party, as the October revolution has proved it in 1917. Indeed, Russia was a weak link of the capitalist system but it was not the only one. It’s only the communist party, with its firm leadership, that gained the leadership of the toiling masses, the peasants and the soldiers, who made this link burst apart, have assaulted the Winter Palace and who have taken the power for the Soviets. Its one of the greatest lesson and experience of this heroic epoch which will remain engraved in the annals of the revolution and which are still guiding and stimulating us.

We can say, without any doubt, that without a Marxist Leninist party, forged in the struggles and with a strong ideology, capable of firmness and audacity in the questions of organisation, with experienced leaders, able to foresee and accelerate the events in certain circumstances, without such a party, the masses can win temporal successes, partial victories, but they will never achieve the revolution, because "only a party guided by a vanguard theory can accomplish the mission of a vanguard combatant".

In commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, leaded by Lenin, Stalin and other great Bolshevik leaders, the International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organisations wants to stress on the actuality and the validity of Marxism Leninism, for the working class and the people of the world, in front of the pseudo Marxist theories, as anarchism, social-democratism, eurocommunism, Trotskyism, and all kind of utopias, that try to penetrate the working class and the progressive sectors. Several theories put forward by the bourgeoisie and its army of "critical" intellectuals are no more than old recycled theories, under new covers, which always end in helping the reaction. Here you have the new philosophers which discover nothing new, theorists that are theorizing, minimizing and ignoring his strength of action, of the practice. Their analyses do not aim at drawing conclusions; they are theories that explain pre established conclusions. They claim that Marxism is outdated, that Leninism is opposing Marxism, etc. They produce theories that "go ahead from Marxism". For us, Marxism, enriched by the immense contribution, full of genius, of Lenin (the Marxism Leninism) is not only accurate, but we are convinced that the development of proletarian and revolutionary forces, are depending from its right application, that Marxism will root itself deeply in the masses, that the impulse for the vital struggle for tumbling and eradicate capitalism, for engaging the process of construction of socialism, are depending on the correct application of Marxism. We remind the famous words:

"Marxism Leninism is the science related to the laws of nature and of society, to the revolution of the oppressed masses (...) it’s the ideology of the working class and of its communist party".

It’s a vivid science, in motion: it is not and will never be a prayer book, a dogma, for the communists, but a guide for action and for dialectical analysis. As Lenin underlined "without a revolutionary theory, there cannot be any revolutionary movement".

We also remind these other words of Lenin:

"The Russian proletariat had the honor to begin, but we must not forget that its movement and its revolution are only a part of the revolutionary worldwide proletarian movement".

Hail the Great October Revolution!
Hail Marxism Leninism!
Hail International solidarity!

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)
October 2007

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