Saturday, December 29, 2007

The 9th meeting of the revisionist parties in Minsk

Article published in Anasintaxi issue 264 (15-31/12/2007)

The 9th meeting of the revisionist parties was held in Minsk, Bellorussia (3-5/11/2007), on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution. In this meeting, parties from the whole revisionist spectrum took part including, of course, the social-democratic “K”KE sending 5 delegates (Papariga, Koutsoumpas, Angourakis, Vayenas, Pontikos) a fact that indicates the importance it attaches in these meetings.

Overall, 73 parties took part in the meeting, compared to the 70 in Lisbon in 2006 and the 77 in Athens in 2005. This shows that the parties that form the core of these meeting seem to stabilize. At the same time:

a) The final statement of the conference, apart from the Khruschevian views it contains, is characterized by a lower level of political analysis compared to the Athens declaration in 2005,

b) an increasing number of the European parties that participate in these meetings establish relations with the so called Party of the European Left.

It goes without saying that the premises of all the conference talks on the October Revolution was not revolutionary Marxism, that is Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism, but the counter-revolutionary Khruschevian revisionism, a variation of bourgeois ideology, whereas the level of these talks, in terms of political analysis, was very low.

All the parties that participated in this meeting are bourgeois parties of the social-democratic type (=Khruschevian parties), and some of them are openly reactionary, maintaining the appellation “communist” only to deceive the working class.

There were parties like CPRF and “K”KE in which nationalistic and Christian trends are openly dominant. We remind only one characteristic example: “The Russian deputy Victor Zorkalchev defended the cohesion of the “orthodox” and “Christian” Europe. The member of the Communist Party of Russia said that “without the orthodox faith Europe is not going to be a unified body” and claimed that “the devoid of evidence anti-deism is a current that has caused great damage in the world” (“Eleytherotypia”, 29/6/2001).

There were others like the Iraqi “C”P that participated in the first puppet government of Iraq formed by the Anglo-American invading forces (outdoing, thus, in treacherous behavior “K”KE which, in the period of 1989-1991, formed a government, initially, with the monarcho-fascist party of ND and then, afterwards with both of the bourgeois parties ND-PASOK) or the “C”P of India and “C”P of India (M) which played a leading role in the murderous police attacks against the rising peasants in Nadigram.

In the conference there was Kosuta’s Party of the Italian Communists which together with the Italian reactionaries bombed the people of Yugoslavia and also Voronin’s Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldavia which while in power the country joined NATO and send troops to Iraq (see “Anasyntaxi”, issue 202). Finally, we should not forget the “Party of Workers of Belgium” headed by Ludo Martens former Gorbachev’s fun and, today, prima ballerina of the international Khruschevian revisionism.

It is more than obvious that if these parties aim at any kind of coordination the latter will be towards the further split in the working class movement and the preservation of the exploiting capitalist system.

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