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The “K”KE leadership supports widely the quislings of the Khrushchevian Iraqi “C”P

The “K”KE leadership supports widely the quislings of the Khrushchevian Iraqi “C”P

On the 22/11/2005, the Politburo of the Iraqi Communist Party announced the death of two of its cadres, Abdul Aziz Jassim Hassan and Yass Khudhayer Haider, in Al-Thawra on their way to the local party offices by a group of gunmen who escaped in the midst of shooting.

This assassination of I”C”P cadres by a group of partisans – because their party has joined the government of quislings formed by Anglo-American occupation forces –was not the first one. We remind that on the 13/11/2004, another member of the Politburo, Wada Hassan Abdul Amir (Saadoun), together with two other party members, were killed by rebels. The same happened to Hadi Saleh (Abu Furat), leading party cadre and member of the Executive Bureau of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (one of the “democratic” institutions established by the American imperialists) and two other party members on the 5/1/2005 as they were traveling from Baghdad to Kirkuk. “Two members of the Iraqi Communist Party were killed by a bomb explosion outside the party offices in Baghdad. The men were killed on Thursday evening when the explosion almost smashed the offices to pieces; we are referring to Yasir Abud and Sakir Yasim Ojail”. (From the announcement of the I”C”P, 23/1/2004). “Only in the last five days five of them were killed including a Politburo member” (“Kyriakatiki Eleutherotypia”, 5/12/2004). “In the Mahmudiaya area, south of Baghdad, the Iraqi Communist Party cadre, Saadi Abdel Jabar al Bayati, kidnapped a day earlier, was found dead” (“Eleutherotypia”, 29/12/2004, p.12). “On Wednesday, Hadi Saleh, leading cadre of the Iraqi Communist Party, was found strangled with his hands tied behind his back. He had also Swedish citizenship” (“Eleytherotypia”, 7/1/2005, p. 11). Saleh was murdered after being tortured by a gang who broke into his Baghdad home. His IFTU comrades described the killing as bearing all the hallmarks of the former security services. His union files and membership records were ransacked.” (“The Guardian”, 20/1/2005). Finally, it was announced that “Muhammad Nuri Akraui, ICP cadre, was kidnapped late in the afternoon by unknown people” (“Rizospastis”, 26/1/2005).

All this time the I”C”P didn’t stop accusing the supporters of Sadam Hussein and “other terrorist forces” of murder in an attempt to create the false impression that these acts do not have popular support and aim at the restoration of Sadam Hussein. As a matter of fact, it never omitted to ask the people to support the occupation forces in their effort to eliminate the “terrorists”, in other words, it openly invited the Iraqis to become collaborators of the invaders and traitors of their country.

The “K”KE, through Babis Angourakis, member of the CC in charge of the International Relations, sent, on the 29/11/2005, a letter of condolences whereby he condemned assassination of cadres of the treacherous-collaborationist I”C”P by the rebels writing that “K”KE is “a political force that consistently campaigned against the dictatorial regime of Sadam Hussein, against the imperialist war and occupation of Iraq and the multi faced foreign interference aiming at the legalization and perpetuation of the occupation.”!!!(Our bold).

The above is nothing more than an exact copy of the statement made by the I”C”P delegate in the Athens meeting where he had said that “in reality the armed operations launched by shadow organizations, whether they include Muslim extremists or Sadam Hussein’s supporters, provide the occupation forces with the pretext to extend their presence and perpetuate an atmosphere of fear and tension among the citizens.”

This view was known from before. Since the 14th of September 2003, the Iraqi Khruschevian pseudo-communists, on the occasion of the assassination of a Provisional Council minister by the Iraqi Resistance, wrote in their newspaper “Tareeq Al Shaab” the following: “It is not enough to point to the forces behind this act of murder […] But we draw attention to those forces which lost their privileges after the fall of the hated regime as well as to all these who feel uncomfortable with the democratic orientation, no matter what the defects are, and the restoration of law and order. These forces have started reorganizing and become aggressive. They pose the main threat against the social security and progress”. In this way they demonstrate how well the analysis of the I”C”P and the views of their local “K”KE comrades fit one another.

In the same letter, “K”KE does not omit to praise the “struggle”! of the Iraqi comrades and “to express its solidarity to all the progressive forces fighting against the foreign occupation”! in an attempt to disorientate and create the impression that the quislings of the I”C”P – collaborators of the Anglo-American occupation troops – are waging allegedly a “struggle” for national independence disguising thus and approving of the treacherous, collaborationist attitude of the Iraqi Khruschevian.

The quislings of the Iraqi ”C”P are fighting against the foreign occupation as much as all that criminal scam that constituted the Greek collaborators of Germans fought against the latter in 1941-1944 while they were murdering our people on daily basis with their arms and under their command.

The ”K”KE leadership, knowing that the party’s rank and file members would definitely disapprove of its collaboration with the Iraqi quislings, did not allow the above letter (29/11/2005) to be published in “Rizospastis”. However, it was translated in English and put on the I”C”P website.

This continuous and conscious defense of the Iraqi collaborationists from the social democratic leaders of ”K”KE – putting shamelessly forward the stupid and reactionary claim that they fight against the foreign occupation – shows that these reformists have reached the highest stage of their treason because they, among other things, try to poison the people and the working class with treacherous opinion that the invaders’ collaborators are allegedly in a position to fight against the foreign occupation.

“K”KE leadership: Outrageous lies in order to cover I”C”P and excuse its attitude
On the occasion of this year’s meeting of the reformist parties in Perissos, the “K”KE leadership gave a press conference in which D. Koutsoumpas, member of the Politburo, refer to the I”C”P. We quote the corresponding excerpts from “Rizospastis” (17/11/2005, p.11) adding our comments.

“Our position concerning Iraq is known.” Here obviously reference is made to the statement in Rizospastis (24th of July 2004): the reasons why the CC of Iraq decided to participate are of course known and respected…But we have reservations and concerns about the consequences of this action…(KKE) is reckoning that this decision is not of assistance to the necessary effort of the Iraqi people to master its own fate”.

“We have discussed in the past about the Iraqi CP.” The “K”KE leadership has never, up to now, condemned the participation of the I”C”P quislings in the government as it is implied, did not discontinue relations with it; on the contrary it is inviting it in meetings and continuing to support its national treacherous political line. It reckons that “the reasons for which the “C”P of Iraq decided to join the first quislings government, installed by the Anglo-American occupation forces in Iraq, should be respected.”

“I do not know whether the Iraqi CP will come; last year it did.” But in the same issue of “Rizospastis”, on exactly the same page, the I”C”P is included in the list of the participant parties, whereas the Politburo representative states that he “ignores” this fact!!! The revisionist leaders have been exposed to such a degree that are literally at a loss.

“If it comes, we will clearly state our view concerning this issue and, of course, we will be informed of its position”. The position of the I””C”P is more than known even to people who have no idea what is happening in Iraq. The Americans made sure to sufficiently advertise this party. The day Sadam Hussein was captured, the snapshots with the jeering crowd, showed on CNN, were taken in front of the central I”C”P offices in Baghdad. How openly “K”KE spoke about Iraq, can be seen in A. Papariga’s speech where there is no reference at all to Iraq and, especially, to the treacherous attitude of their Iraqi comrades.

“As far as I know it does not either take part in the government or it supports the occupation forces”. But the I”C”P did participate in the first provisional quisling government formed by the Anglo-American occupation forces (the Iraqi resistance “thanked” them for that by assassinating its cadres and this participation has caused two splits. After this, it took part in the parody of elections on the slate “Popular Unity” acquiring 0.83% of the votes and electing two deputies in which the I”C”P secretary Hamid Majit Mousa (Abu Daud) was included.

“Finally, the international news agencies record as an important participant in the elections the Popular Union, the slate that the CC of Iraq supports and includes representatives of all nationalities and sects including the Constitutional Monarchist Movement of Iraq”
. (“Rizospastis”, 30/1/2005). It doesn’t participate in the current government not because it doesn’t want to but because, after the elections, the majority parties formed their own government excluding this as well as the other parties.

The claim that the Iraqi “C”P is allegedly not “supporting the occupation forces” is a crude lie because first Iraqis themselves stated this clearly in a speech delivered in the 2004 meeting in Perissos which we reproduce below second, exactly because it continues to “support the occupations forces” the Iraqi rebels very recently, on the 22nd of November 2005, killed two of its cadres. It was exactly for this occasion Babus Angourakis sent a letter of condolences, which we also reproduce below.

The two following documents demonstrate not only the treacherous collaboration of the Iraqi “C”P with the occupation forces but also its continuation and, additionally, the continuous support of the “KKE leadership.

Speech of the Iraqi “C”C in Perissos in 2004: Open admission of the treason against the Iraqi people

The Iraqi “C”P took part in the annual meeting in Perissos in which all the reformist and revisionist parties are gathered.
We present excerpts from the speech of their party’s delegate in the meeting which demonstrates their participation in the American-inspired Government Council and their attitude towards the Iraqi resistance. “K”KE intentionally didn’t reveal this speech and never published it.

Dear Comrades

I convey to you the warmest greetings of the Iraqi Communist Party and its best wishes for the success of this International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties. Allow me also to join other speakers in thanking the comrades of the fraternal Communist Party of Greece for hosting this important meeting and for their consistent efforts to sustain this event as a forum for open and free exchange of views about the urgent issues and challenges facing Communists all over the world. […]

The setting up of the Governing Council, with limited but important powers, and with the participation of al major political parties at the time, was therefore a compromise, reached with active mediation by the UN.

Our Party stressed that the Council was only one arena and one platform, among others, for our struggle to achieve national sovereignty and independence. (note: here we have a clear-cut rejection of the Iraqi resistance and illusion that national independence can be achieved through the intervention of the American forces!). We always emphasized the need to continuously combine between our work within the Council, and in the present interim government, and our efforts of a mass character, as well as strengthening relations with all forces that want to achieve the transition to end the occupation and build a united federal democratic Iraq. [..]

The forces behind the deteriorating security situation are mainly supporters of the previous regime and anti-people terrorist forces of various shades.(note: the I”C”P, through its newspaper, is constantly making appeals to the Iraqi people to isolate the “terrorists” and collaborate with the American security forces). […] Through subversive and criminal activities, these elements want to assert themselves as a power in the political scene. It is worth mentioning that some forces in the US administration want to deal with and accommodate these elements in order to contain the current complicated situation. (note: here the I”C”P delegate is complaining about the fact that the American forces don’t strike the Iraqi resistance more efficiently).

The letter of Babis Angourakis to the Iraqi “Communist” Party

Iraqi Communist Party Central Committee

Dear Comrades, We condemn the assassination of Addul Aziz Jassim Hassan and Yass Khundhayer Haider and the criminal attack against the rally of your party in Al Thawara City. We, the Communist Party of Greece, as a political force that consistently campaigned against the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein, against the imperialist war and occupation of Iraq and the multi faced foreign interference aiming at the legalization and perpetuation of the occupation we express once again our full solidarity with all the progressive forces fighting against the occupation troups, in struggle to end the foreign occupation, for full restoring of the sovereignty and for the democratic and social rights of the working people of Iraq. Please convey to the members of your party as well as to the relatives our sorrow and condolences.

Responsible for the international section

The open collaboration of the Iraqi “C”P and “K”KE in the context of the American imperialistic designs

It has been more than four years since the Anglo-American imperialist troops invaded Iraq causing a bloodshed without precedent.

From the first moment, the Khruschevian Iraqi “C”P was an ally of the imperialists in the “reconstruction” of Iraq (a unique case of a party in the history of the Khruschevian revisionism since it participated in the occupationist pseudo-government under the auspices of the Americans outdoing in treachery even “K”KE which, in the period of 1989-1991, formed a government, initially, with the monarch-fascist party of ND and then, afterwards with both the bourgeois parties ND-PASOK).

Through its newspaper and public statements, I”C”P makes appeals, on daily basis, to isolate the rebels and to turn them in to the American invaders, and participated in all the pseudo-elections the American imperialists set up.

The Iraqi Resistance is rewarding this Iraqi ”C”P’s “contribution” to the Iraqi people with attacks against its offices and executions of its cadres. According to an announcement issued by the I”C”P Politburo on 1/4/2007, Najim Abed Jasem (Abu Zanaib), trade union party cadre and member of the CC of the Engineering Society, was murdered after being kidnapped while on 1/5/2007 Muthanna Mohammed Latif (Abu Thabit), leading party cadre and secretary of the regional committee of the Nineveh province, was also murdered.

“K”KE (’56) has been one of the most ardent supporters of I”C”P during all these 4 years. It hasn’t limited itself just to the expression of “condolensences” for the collaborationist leaders I”C”P murdered by the Iraqi resistance (see letter of B. Angourakis to the I”C”P published in the 217 issue of Anasyntaxi) or the propaganda of its treacherous views on the pages of “Rizospastis”. “K”KE has played a leading part in the attempt to present the Iraqi “C”P as “communist”! by inviting it in all the meetings of the Khruschevian parties in Athens and signing together various documents.

One of the most revealing documents of this open collaboration between I”C”P and “KKE is the resolution adopted by a conference organized by “C”P of Finland in 2004 which is signed by a series of revisionist parties delegates including N. Seretakis, member of the CC “K”KE, and in which is mentioned: “We, the undersigned, representatives of political parties, movements and organizations, participants in the Congress of the Communist Party of Finland, held in Helsinki during the period 15–16 May 20, having considered the situation in Iraq, express our full solidarity with the Iraqi Communist Party and Iraqi democratic forces in their struggle to end the occupation, restore national sovereignty and independence, and build a new unified, democratic and federal Iraq”!!! This statement can be found in English on the “C”P of Finland web page and it has been published in English in the Athens Indymedia ( and in the Iraqi “C”P’s page (
The quislings, collaborationists of the Khruschevian Iraqi “C”P “are fighting against the foreign occupation” as much as the Greek collaborators of Nazis were fighting against the latter during 1941-1944 while, at the same time they were daily murdering our people. This attitude of national treason displayed by the Iraqi Khruschevians cannot be covered up no matter how many lies are written in Rizospastis. As a matter of fact the “K”KE leaders went so far that they claimed ignorance about I”C”P’s participation in the government.(“Rizospastis”, 17/11/2005)

The “K”KE leadership being, of course aware that its rank and file members disapprove of the collaboration with the Iraqi quislings made sure so that also this document doesn’t appear in “Rizospastis” precisely like the above mentioned letter signed by B. Angourakis (29/11/2005).

The continuing and conscious defense of the Khruschevian I”C”P’s quislings by the socialdemocratic leaders of “K”KE and the signining of a statement which openly refers to “a federal Iraq” shows that the reformists have entered the final stage of their treason by essentially accepting the designs of the American imperialism, the world’s number one terrorist, which attempts to redefine the spheres of influence by shedding the blood of the Iraqis and other peoples of Middle East.

The “K”KE leadership and its quislings comrades of the Iraqi “Communist” Parties

Quite often the readers of “Rizospastis” read in the paper’s columns about the quislings of the Iraqi “governments” but there has never been any reference either by the socialdemocratic leadership of “K”KE or by anybody else to the fact that these national traitors include also their comrades, the Khruschevian revisionists of the Iraqi “C”P, who rushed to participate in the government of traitors installed by the invading Anglo-American imperialist troops.
It is not only that the “K”KE leadership never condemned the treacherous and collaborationist attitude of their I”C”P comrades, that is their participation in the Iraqi government installed by the invaders, but it hasn’t broken off relations with them until now. What is more, the “K”KE leadership invited I”C”P in the last meeting of the revisionist parties that took place in Athens in 2004 although this party continued to take part in the “Governmental Council” installed by the Anglo-American invading troops.

Apart from systematically hushing up the collaborationist and treacherous role of its fraternal party, “K”KE leadership “understands”(!) and “respects the reasons behind the participation”(!) of the I“C”P leaders in the infamous “Governmental Council” and has only certain “reservations” (!) about this inconspicuously treacherous and extremely provocative attitude displayed by its Khruschevian comrades.

The only time that “Rizospastis” wrote about this issue, was on July 2003; this reference is revealing of the “K”KE leadership’s treacherous role in this matter too, provocatively justifying collaborationism. Having “Rizospastis” informed its readers that “we have received the news that the Communist Party of Iraq decided to participate in the Governmental Council of the country” and that “every party, of course, reserves the right to decide and set its course but adhering to the principle of independence doesn’t exclude the expression of a different view”, it tells that “the reasons for which the CC of Iraq decided its participation are, of course, known…However, we have many reservations and even more worries about the consequences of this act” (“Rizospastis”, 24/7/2003, p.5)

From this view, it follows that the “K”KE leadership and “Rizospastis” actually support the treacherous and collaborationist attitude of the Iraqi Khruschevians. In addition to this, the “K”KE leadership, a whole year since the I“C”P’s participation in the Iraqi quisling government, invited it to send a delegate in the international meeting in 2004 (“Rizospastis”, 12/10/2004, p. 7) where he would “advise” the Greek working class and our people to show a similar, to the Iraqi Khruschevian collaborationists’, attitude in case ever our country is occupied by imperialist military forces, namely to enter the service of the latter.

In an act of extreme provocation and impudence, the delegate of the Iraqi “C”P declared in this meeting: Our Party always stressed that the Council was only one arena and one platform, among others, for our struggle to achieve national sovereignty and independence. We always emphasized the need to continuously combine between our work within the Council, and in the present interim government, and our efforts of a mass character”. And elsewhere, as a true mouthpiece of the Anglo-American invaders, he maintains: The forces behind the deteriorating security situation are mainly supporters of the previous regime and anti-people terrorist forces of various shades…in reality, the armed operations launched by shadow organizations, whether they include Muslim extremists or supporter’s of Sadam’s regime, provide the occupation forces with the pretext extend to their presence and perpetuate an atmosphere of fear and tension among the citizens.”

Therefore, according to the Khruschevain collaborationists of the Iraqi “C”P and the “K”KE leadership, not the Anglo-American occupation forces but the people of Iraq who fight against them should be held responsible for the “deteriorating security situation”; moreover not the Anglo-American invaders but the Iraqi people who took the arms against them are named “terrorist forces”. But the avenging hand of the heroic Iraqi people sent some of these Khruschevian collaborationists to the Jannah, the Islamic paradise, depriving them of the happiness of the Anglo-American earthly one. The word was spread that in the International Meeting in Athens in 2004, following Papariga’s proposal, one minute of silence was kept to honor the memory of those killed for the sake of the Americans!!!

The socialdemocratic leadership of “K”KE also showed a pro-American and pro-imperialist attitude, following the example from its Iraqi comrades, during the rallies against the war in Iraq because the basic slogan was: “Greece out of the war”(!) instead of the right one: “Anglo-American imperialist occupation forces out of Iraq” removing, in this way, then blame from the Anglo-American imperialists and, essentially, justifying the invasion-occupation of Iraq by them.

Before sinking to this level of despicable treachery, the Khruschevians of the Iraqi “C”P invited and received the Anglo-American occupation troops as “liberators” of their country.

Both the leadesrhips of I”C”P and “K”KE achieved a sad record. If the leadership of the Iraqi “C”P is the first one in the history of the international Khruschevian revisionism to sink so low as to become a collaborator of invaders, the socialdemocratic “K”KE leadership was also the first in the history of this counter-revolutionary trend to form a government with the monarch-fascist party like that of “New Democracy” in 1989.

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