Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Statement of the PC(AP) on the Events in Gaza

Translation found in The Red Republic (http://redrebelde.blogspot.com/)

This is a translated statement from Eduardo Artés, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) on the bombings of the Gaza Strip and Gaza City by the Israeli Army. All translation errors are my own. The original copy can be found on the PC (AP) website or in La Mochila.

The year is almost finished and so no one can forget their criminal nature, the Zionist-fascist government in Israel is conducting a new and vicious crime against the Palestinian people; they are bombarding Gaza City, and the entire Gaza Strip. American-made Israeli fighters have sown death and mass destruction, there is talk of more than 170 dead and nearly 400 injured. The Israelis did not threaten to stop until they have reached their goal. But what is this goal, to annihilate the heroic Palestinian people?

The current bullying and criminal action is just months after having seiged Gaza, leaving it without drinking water, electricity, food and medicine. This situation obligated the government in Chile to send recently, medicine and medical equipment.

The Zionist criminals believe through their killings they will place a dignified and patriotic people on their knees, a people who are only demanding their sovereignty and freedom.

The Israeli Zionist Army, which practices state-terrorism, does not act alone or without the permission of U.S. Imperialism and without the support and blessing of the Pentagon, We must unmask them, denounce and combat American imperialism.

The Democrats, Communists and revolutionaries around the world must immediately place in the center the defense of the lives of the Palestinian people, we must quickly come up with concrete actions, In the Communist Party (Proletarian Action), PC (AP), we are already preparing ourselves for the measures needed to fulfill our internationalist solidarity and human duties.

Stop the genocide against the Palestinian people!
Today we are all Palestinians!
Eduardo Artés: Presidential Candidate from the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) --

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