Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toufan: Condemn the Massacre of the People of Gaza

Condemn the Massacre of the People of Gaza by the Israeli Zionists!
On Saturday December 27, 2008, hundreds of Israeli F-16 jetfighters and helicopters invaded Gaza Strip.
Hundreds of sites including police stations, residential areas, hospitals, refugee camps, Interior Ministry,
higher education centers, and mosques are targeted. According to the available statistics, more than 300
people have been killed and 2000 are wounded. Children, women, elders, and civilians are among dead or
injured. The heavy bombardment of Gaza by the Hitlerite army of Israel continues unabated and the
number of dead or injured is increasing hourly.
The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) strongly condemns the barbaric Israeli aggression against the people
of Gaza.
The Israeli criminals claim that their aggression is a response to Hamas' rocket fire at the Israeli towns. This
claim is not worth a penny. The hand-made missiles in Gaza, each with a few kilograms of primitive
explosives, have neither the power to do substantial damage to Israeli towns nor the range to hit the Israeli
strategic positions. The fact is that the Israeli rulers cannot live without occupation of Palestine, without the
expansionist policies, or without the oppression of the people of the region. Aggression and enmity with
Arabs are in the nature of Zionism. For six decades, the Israeli rulers have used similar excuses to massacre
the people of Palestine.
The recent Israeli aggression is neither the first nor will be the last aggression against the Palestinian
people. As long as racism and Zionism have grip on Israel, the killing, massacre, and genocide of the
people of Palestine will continue.
The six-month cease-fire in Gaza was expired a week ago. The Zionist government of Israel violated the
cease-fire many times. For more than three years, Gaza has been under tight blockade by air, sea and land.
One and a half million Palestinian people in Gaza have been faced with shortage of food, fuel, medicine
and other basic necessities. In this situation, the Israeli government "wants" cease-fire with Palestinians, a
ceasefire in which one side has to be destroyed in order to satisfy the expansionist and criminal goals of the
other side.
The criminal Israeli gangs have taken their barbarism to an unprecedented level; the more oppression or
killing of the Palestinian people, the higher chance of winning the elections!
The Israeli governments would not have been able to carry out or sustain their aggressions without
financial and military assistance from the US imperialists. The US administrations have always
encouraged, instigated, and backed the Israeli wars against the people of the Middle East.
The recent Israeli aggression in Gaza has been carried out at the time when the US imperialists have been
defeated in the Middle East, and are facing deep economic crisis and public dissatisfaction. In this situation,
the extension of the war to other areas of the Middle East has alarmed the entire humanity, particularly the
people of region. The western imperialists headed by the US, together with the Israeli Zionists, do not stop
short of committing horrendous crimes against the people who fight for their freedom, independence and
national sovereignty.
The barbarism of the blood thirsty rulers of Israel has not left without response. People of many countries
have expressed their disgust and anger for the Israeli butchers. Activists in the US, Canada, Germany,
France, Turkey, Greece, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, England, Syria, and many other countries have
demonstrated in solidarity with the suffering people of Gaza. We must mobilize the people to continue,
expand, and intensify the protest actions.
Once again, the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) condemns the brutal Israeli aggression against the people
of Gaza. We call on all freedom loving people to raise their voice against the destruction and killing in
Gaza. The destruction and killing in Gaza must stop immediately and the blockade must be ended.
The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), Foreign Office
December 29, 2008

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