Thursday, January 01, 2009

EMEP: 5th General Congress Resolution

The 5th Congress of Labour Party (EMEP), gathering at a time in which the imperialist capitalist system has entered a deep depression all around the world, will further carry forward the struggle of our working class and our peoples. Our 5th Congress has taken a series of decisions that will evaluate the period ahead of us for the victory of the struggle for independence, democracy and socialism.

Capitalism, in spite of mobilising all its resources, is not able to find a way of recovering from its current crisis. Excess and anarchic production has fallen into the abyss of the increasingly deepening poverty of the masses. Imperialism has entered a phase of decline on a global scale. Capital is searching for a way to recover from the crisis within the lives of the worker and labourer masses. It is trying to overcome its own crisis from the back of the workers and labourers by creating more severe exploitation conditions, seizing their accumulations and restricting their rights.

5th Congress of EMEP

The crisis has openly brought the workers and labourers against the capitalist class on a world scale. We are entering one of the most severe and toughest turning points of the class struggle that has been continuing throughout history.

We are aware of how severe destruction the 2001 Crisis has cost our working class and our people. The wounds that have been inflicted on the workers’ wages, social rights, retirement, health, education and trade union life as a result of this attack, the effects of which are still continuing, are deepening and becoming gangrenous. The worker and popular masses were not able to actualise the organisation and struggle to enable sufficient resistance to these and hence have been left under their burden.

The crisis that is being experienced today, in terms of its size and impact, will make the former one look like a molehill.

Drawing lessons from the past, we have to repulse the attempt to make us pay the bill once again and prepare for the onset that will enable us to sweep away capitalism to the rubbish heap of history where it will no longer be able to create any more crises. There is a path ahead of the workers and labourers of our country, one that is full of extremely important opportunities making it possible for the independence, democracy and socialism struggle to reach victory, beginning with the breaking off from the imperialist chain in our region.

Today, our most important and fundamental task is maintaining the unity of the popular forces.

It is obvious that our party will play a determining role in the creation of the instruments necessary in order to secure the massive democratic unity of firstly our working class and then the unity of the rural labourers, small producer peasants, public sector labourers, the Kurdish people, women, youth and the intellectuals.

To this end; we must make use of all the possibilities of organising together with the trade unions, professional organisations, democratic mass organisations, intellectual and artist institutions, factories, workplaces, areas of production and from the smallest residential units to the largest cities and mobilise these forces into creating a united peoples’ movement.

The umbrella party is one of the most significant instruments towards obtaining this objective. The umbrella party will be the answer to the need of transforming all these accumulations and accumulated forces of the workers’ and peoples’ movement and the democracy struggle into a joint force. For a long time our party has been part of the efforts to realise this unity in order to advance the labour and democracy struggle of Turkey and unite the popular forces.

The democratic and popular solution to the Kurdish question, which has been one of the most important topics within our party’s programme and struggle from the day of its establishment, is a vital task not only in terms of meeting the demands of the Kurdish people but also in terms of removing one of the most essential obstacles in front of the development and strengthening the entire democracy struggle of Turkey as well as a strong and united worker and labourer movement.

The place of the youth, constituting a significant part of the population, in the class struggle and the force it promises is obvious. It is our party’s duty to lead the organisation and struggle of the youth in all the schools, factories, fields as well as the universities.

Not only in terms of their social conditions but also in terms of all their characteristics, abilities and influences women have an unquestionable position in the class struggle. Our party is aware of the fact that it will be successful only to the degree that it is able to add the strength and abilities of the women to its ranks.

Our Congress has been met with the interest and support of the most dynamic and progressive forces of our country and the world. Our guests participating in our congress both from our country and from the international worker and labourer movement have powerfully expressed their confidence and support. This support, at a level becoming to the significance and magnitude of the tasks undertaken by our party, shall continue to be our greatest foundation in our activities from now on.

With the strength we have derived from our congress and in a state of complete unity of will we are on duty to work for the power of the workers and labourers against imperialism and capitalism, against the political, economical, social and cultural attacks of the monopolist bourgeoisie.

Long Live Democratic Unity for the People’s Power

Long Live Revolution and Socialism

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