Thursday, January 01, 2009

Labour Youth: We support the struggle of the Greek people and youth

We Speak Different Languages But The Bullets, Which Aim At Us Are The Same

On Saturday December 6th, in Greece a 16-year-old youngster, Alexandros Grigoropoulos was killed by the bullets of Greek police. After this event, with which people in Turkey are familiar a lot, Greek people took to the streets. The streets of Athens, in which myriads of people marched, rebounded with the demand of being heard of the killers and those behind them. The unions that are not indifferent to the murder of the police went on general strike.

Hundreds of thousands of students and education workers in secondary schools and universities made the decision of occupation of the schools, strike or boycott and rallied in the streets and protested the politics causing this homicide. On Monday the schools were closed. The Bar Association was occupied and turned into press center. Unions, mass organisations, parties, youth organisations were in the streets.

Labour Youth in support with Greek people

We, young people from Turkey, condemn the killer policeman who murdered brother Alexandros and those behind him! We support the Greek people calling those in charge of the murder to account by taking to the streets and its honored struggle.

With economic crisis capitalism runs through reactionism and tells the youth who demand “Work, Future and Freedom” either to obey or die”. The forces in power exercise fascist methods in a flurry to lose their exploitation system and make laws to strengthen the authority of the police. That is why police shoot people not only in Athens but also in the other countries. Unfortunately Alexandros isn’t the only person killed in this way.

In our country the situation is more hearth breaking. 12 year-old- Ugur Kaymaz who was shot by 13 bullets, Baran Dursun, who was shot in the back of the neck with the excuse he exceeded the speed limit, Ferhat Gercek, who paralysed after being shot because he sold a progressive magazine, Engin Ceber, who was killed by torturing just because he participated in a demonstration asking those who caused Ferhat Gercek to paralyse to be punished, and others were killed in the same way as Alexandros. We, Labour Youth, call in all young people to unite to expose all murders in our country to view.

And we know that reactionism won’t win forever. The peoples who struggle for Equality, Democracy and Freedom will bring to book. The Greek People’s and Greek Youth’s struggle for democracy is an example for us. Now we call in young people of Turkey from all nationalities to unit and take action.

-Stop the laws strengthening the authority of police!

-Killers have to be judged!

-Long live international solidarity of the youth!

Labour Youth

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