Thursday, January 01, 2009

EMEP: Zionist Attack and Barbarity has to be Stopped

Zionist Israel attacked once again. In Gaza, hundreds of people were killed including children, women, young and old people and hundreds were wounded as well. We condemn Israel's attack spoilt by USA and the collaborationists, which bloodied and reduced to the Middle East to tears, and want the attack to stop immediately.

We know that this villainous attack isn't new. Still a new one has added to the violence policies on the Palestinians going on for years. Israel, who attacked Gaza Stripe with tens of missiles and planes, has been seeking a pretext for its brutality. All peoples in the world are aware that Israel is a villain state and how brutal it is against the Palestinian people.


This massacre is the strategy of Great Middle East Project and Expanded Middle East Project belonging to USA and imperialist forces and their collaborationists. The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the threat to the Iranian people are the parts of this project. The aim is to bloody, to set the peoples fighting and to exploit the richness of the Middle East. Similarly in our country the demands of Kurdish people are ignored and are repressed by war and violence, too.

Any excuse can’t justify the death of hundreds of people. Zionist Israel has to give an account of this attack and to put an end to such attacks at once.

Just after the attack, Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan explained that he condemned it with false tears. He said “this attitude of Israel has meant to take a swing at the peace in the term which we make such effort for peace.” If so, we ask Prime Minister: “If you condemn this attack you have to break off all diplomatic and military relations with Zionist Israel and primarily USA, who support it, and other imperialist states. You have to cancel bilateral agreements and the bids you have given to them. You mustn’t negotiate with Israel so long as the Palestinian lands must be vacated and the Palestinian people must be guerdoned.”

All these must be put into action. Oral condemnation carries no meaning. You mustn’t talk different before the media and different at the back of the closed doors.

The peoples of the Middle East will live in peace and fraternity only if USA and all imperialists leave the Middle East. USA and NATO bases must be closed in our country and collaborationist policies must be stopped. After carrying out all these action the peace is possible. False tears of Prime Minister and state authorities aren’t convincing and won’t be convincing.

The peoples of Turkey, workers and labourers, the heart, feeling and thoughts of our Party are with the Palestinian people in Gaza. We condemn this villainous attack once more and we wish our deepest condolences to the Middle East Peoples. And we say that blood and tear has to be stopped in the Middle East. Peoples in the world have to get rid of the imperialist yoke and live in peace. Our Party and people will struggle to manage this.

-Killer Israel, get out of Palestine

-Palestinian People are not alone

Labour Party (EMEP)

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