Sunday, January 04, 2009

ICMLPO: Zionist Barbarism Must Stop Immediately!

The Zionist government of Israel, which is the strike force of Western imperialism in the Middle East, is once again decimating the defenseless people of Palestine. The large-scale aggression carried out by fighter planes, bombers and heavy artillery has already caused more than 500 deaths and 2,500 wounded in Gaza.

Despite the protests and condemnation by the Arab peoples and the peoples of the world, the Zionist murderers have begun ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

Those who murder children, who deliberately bomb and ravage places considered sacred by the people, who flout the humanitarian feelings of millions of people, who practice state terrorism, are cynically pretending to “fight against terrorism”, to “defend the values of the civilized world”.

But who allows them to act with complete impunity? Who supports them, encourages them and urges them to act in this way?

The response to these questions is found in the “resolution” (or rather the irresolution) of the recent meeting of the Security Council of the UNO. Those who claim to give lessons in democracy and human rights to the entire world have not even been able to denounce this barbarism of the Zionist state.

Even before the spokespersons of the Zionist army justified their barbarism, the spokespersons of Western imperialism demeaned themselves to the point of declaring that this was a “defensive war”. Israel is encouraged by the silence of the governments of the big powers, by the absence of concrete measures, of sanctions, which would force them to stop this war.

Those who have the decision-making power in the United Nations are the same capitalist and imperialist bandits who support the Zionist aggressors and occupiers. This is why we cannot expect anything from these “champions of humanity and civilization”.

But as it has done for 60 years, Palestine remains standing and continues to resist.

If the Arab and Muslim peoples of the Middle East truly wish to help their Palestinian brothers, they must get rid of their collaborationist governments. It is not possible to collaborate with U.S. imperialism and at the same time to oppose the Israeli oppression of Palestine. We must proclaim this truth loud and clear.

The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO) calls on all workers and all democratic forces of the whole world to defend and organize concrete actions of solidarity with the Palestinian people who are fighting against Zionist oppression.

We call for

  • increasing the pressure on the governments to place sanctions against Israel, such as freezing diplomatic relations and suspending cooperation agreements with Israel.

  • increasing the international denunciation of this war of massive destruction directed against the Palestinian people.

  • supporting the initiatives and demonstrations which, throughout the world, are demanding the end of the Israeli military offensive.

We call for the intensification of the struggle against imperialism and its collaborators, against Zionism and all those who support and encourage Israeli barbarism.

Immediately stop the Zionist slaughter in Gaza!

Immediately lift the blockade of Gaza

Freedom for Palestine

Down with imperialism and Zionism

January 4, 2009

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

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