Sunday, January 04, 2009

Statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Resistance confirms casualties to Israeli occupation soldiers in the first hour of the invasion
PFLP sources confirmed on January 3, 2009 that in the first hour of the ground invasion of Gaza, Israeli occupation soldiers have already suffered a number of casualties due to the courageous fighting of the resistance forces in Gaza.
The Israeli forces as they continue their ground invasion have been targeting largely women and children. Doctors and medical personnel at Palestinian hospitals are reporting severe injuries and bodies are coming with the kinds of injuries seen from cluster bombs or other types of severely destructive weapons that target human flesh, the so-called anti-personnel weapons. Also, the occupier's targeting of gas resources are causing large gas fires that are poisoning our people and causing an environmental catastrophe.
In the face of these continuing horrific crimes of the occupier, the resistance is continuing to confront the occupier and prevent it from eliminating our resistance. We are continuing to launch missiles into the heart of the occupation and will continue to do so. A roadside explosive device has exploded an occupation tank as it attempted to advance into Gaza and occupation soldiers have suffered serious casualties at the hands of resistance fighters in three sections of Gaza where they are attempting to invade.
The PFLP further warned against attempts at psychological warfare by the enemy in order to demoralize our steadfast people.
Towards victory!

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