Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ecuador: Contradictions to the interior of the democratic and left trend

Editorial del semanario En Marcha, edición 1445. 9 de junio 2009

Contradictions to the interior of the democratic and left trend

In the course of the previous weeks, the confrontation between the Educators' National Union and the government, about the unconstitutional and punitive evaluation to the teachers, has turned into central aspect of the Ecuadorian politics. This shock, which from the government and the great mass media has been led also in opposition to the Popular Democratic Movement, this has provoked confusion in many ecuadorians who do not get to understand how the government, including the president Rafael Correa, has attacked with so much force two organizations that have expressed their support to the governmental management.

This behavior cuold qualify as inconsecuence of PAI and the government with an sector which had given clear samples of of commitment with the political project that Ecuador lives. But further more than inconsistency there exist differences of political order that confronts them. Rafael Correa and PAIS have established a democratic and progressive government, and though they speak of taking forward a revolution to which they qualify as citizen revolution , the certain thing is that their management has the limit of the capitalist institucionality that they respect and call to respecting it. We are in front of a government that does not overcome the reformism

and beyond welfarism across which he tries to attend to any material needs of the people, but that does not mean they will provoke a real transformation in the structures of the ecuadorian society.

The MPD, on the other hand, as a revolutionary organization, understands that is necesary to take radical acction to change the country and It has been criticized, for example, the ambivalence about the government against the banks and entrepreneurs, while make agrements with the latter when they have been mocked about the implementation of the mandate that ended the outsourcing, or when it guarantees high returns and to early to raise interest rates or maintain more than one billion dollars from the State in private banks. Inconsistent Conduct with the speech have been presented on such topics as oil policy, mining or in relation to the external debt that is considerate as illegal and illegitimate, however is paid.

What is happening in our country is the confrontation within the democratic, progressive and leftist trend between reformers positions vs. the positions of the revolutionary left that holds critical positions on the limitations and errors of government action. Reformism want space close to the action of the revolutionary forces.
The revolutionary left understands as inevitable the presence of these contradictions and tries to ensure that workers and people understand their nature and origin. Their solution does not hide the differences, but on the contrary, redouble efforts to make the people understand better the political situation and its strategic objectives.

However, now, this confrontation is heightened, not to forget that the fundamental contradiction in Ecuadorian society which is manifested between exploited and exploiters, betwen peoples of Ecuador and working class and imperialism, primarily American. This is the first target of the Ecuadorian revolution.

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