Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Million-strong Demonstration in Tehran against the Ruthless Regime of the Islamic Republic! Long Live the General Strike!

Nearly a million people staged a demonstration in Tehran today and expressed their anger and disgust over the deceitful and hypocritical regime of the Islamic Republic. The participants in the

demonstration spit on the sham election and its "elected" president and on the Supreme Leader Khamenei. The Iranian people have reached the conclusion that the regime of Islamic Republic has no respect for their opinions and that the president, despite the public charade, is appointed by the "Guardian Council", the "Expediency Council", the "Supreme Leader", and a mafia of power.
The Islamic reformers who have put on sheep’s clothing today were yesterday's wolves who had a significant role in the execution of thousands of Iranian revolutionaries and in the suppression of the 1979 Revolution. They were and continue to be devoted to the system of Islamic rule with a supreme leader at the top. The quarrels between the factions of the Islamic Republic of Iran are not about democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and organisation, the rights of workers and women and youth, etc. Their fight is about who can seise power and grab a bigger piece of the pie.
The just struggle of the people of Iran would be fruitful if the class demands and class lines become transparent in the movement. The people can achieve freedom and social justice by their organized, planned, sharp, and targeted struggles.
The power of the regime of the Islamic Republic is slipping away, and the authorities are unable to react to the mass movement. In this situation, the people should be vigilant and must not become
cannon fodder in the quarrel between the two factions of the regime. We are vigilant and will not be deceived by the Reformist Faction's filing electoral complaints and engaging in correspondence with the office of the Supreme Leader. Even if Khamenei voids the result and calls for new elections, the result will be nothing more than replacing Ahmadinejad with another pawn.
The presidential candidate Mussavi has been part and parcel of the Islamic rule. He was the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic during the mass executions in Iran. Mussavi agrees with the slogan "Down with the deceitful government" but strongly opposes the people’s chant of "Down with the deceitful order". He tries to bring the movement of dissatisfied masses under his control by using the religious sentiment of the people. Mussavi asks the people to be patient, silent, and peaceful. The people demonstrating on the streets of Iran cannot listen to these mollifying sermons.
The fascist Security, Intelligence, Paramilitary, Police, and the plainclothes Police of the Islamic Republic have attacked the peaceful demonstrators, and dozens of civilians have been fatally shot.
These government forces have carried out the most vicious attacks on the people in the past and will certainly do it again. This brutality of the regime shows the young demonstrators that they cannot have any illusions about the suppressive nature of the Islamic Republic and that freedom, radical change, self-determination, and the rights of workers and women and youth cannot be achieved through peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins. In order to minimise loss and maximise gain, we must build and strengthen the party of the working class. Country-wide protests and general and political strikes of the all strata of society, especially of the working class, will ring the death bell of the regime of the Islamic Republic.
The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) strongly condemns the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic for its attacks on the peaceful demonstrations. We demand the release of all activists who have been detained in the recent events. All those responsible for the killings must be brought to justice. We demand the release of all imprisoned political and labour activists. The equality of man and woman must be realised in all spheres of life. We demand the separation of religion from state and education. The freedom of expression, assembly, and organisation must be recognised by the regime of the Islamic Republic. All repressive forces of the Islamic Republic, Security, Police, Intelligence, Basig
(mobilisation), Pasdaran (guardians), plainclothes Police, etc must be withdrawn from the streets.
Our Party calls on fraternal Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations, all progressive and revolutionary organisations, and all freedom-loving individuals to condemn the regime of the Islamic
Republic for its uncountable crimes against the Iranian people in the past thirty years.

Long Live the Protest Movement of the Iranian People against the Islamic Republic!
Down with the Regime of the Islamic Republic!
Long Live the General Strike of the Workers, Students, Teachers, Nurses, and Employees!
Long Live Socialism!

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
June 17, 2009

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